Detroit Lions' Martin Mayhew and Company: Doing It the Right Way

Tom MaysContributor INovember 4, 2010

Building The Foundation of Greatness
Building The Foundation of GreatnessGregory Shamus/Getty Images

Over the past several weeks/days there have been a variety of member articles espousing the belief that the Lions need to look outside of the organization for additional talent.  Some of the potential Lions moves that have been recommended include:  

  • Should the Lions pick up Shawn Merriman? 
  • Should the Lions take a look at Randy Moss? 
  • Should the Lions look at a new coach? 
  • Should the Lions trade Calvin Johnson? 


Martin Mayhew, Jim Schwartz, Tom Lewand and even the deservedly maligned Ford Family are finally doing this thing the right way.  Recent Lions draft selections and free agent signings (to date) have demonstrated a strong commitment to personal accountability on and off the field.  This in turn leads to team oriented character, work ethic, responsibility and ethics.  These are necessary elements of a team and, along with the talent pool they represent,  are the "great unknowns" that drive good teams towards greatness!

I have a short message for the Ford's, Lewand, Schwartz and Mayhew: Picking up "characters" leads to distractions, problem children, malcontents, misfits and glory dogs.  Detroit has had its share on and off the field, and WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT THEM!  

Forget the nonsense and continue to build on the foundation you have established!  We are finally headed in the right direction. 

Go Lions!