10 Reasons the Randy Moss Pick Is a Mistake for the Tennessee Titans

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer INovember 3, 2010

10 Reasons the Randy Moss Pick Is a Mistake for the Tennessee Titans

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    As the world around Randy Moss turns.

    What amazes me to no end is us NFL fans made a big deal of the Cincinnati Bengals and the drama that might be coming out of that team. And who would blame us with a team that boasts Chad Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens, Pac Man Jones and Tank Johnson.

    To say there wouldn't be a lack of good stories or things the media could run with that would be the biggest understatement. Ever.

    The New England Patriots got tired of him, so much so that they were ready to cut him if they couldn't find a team that would make a trade for him.

    Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings bit, hard, on bringing in Randy Moss and apparently didn't do his research on why the Vikings ran him out of town the first time.

    Well, that experiment came to a head and had a worse than terrible ending. Randy Moss took the podium, told the reporters in the room that if he was going to answer any questions they were going to be his own and he would give them the answers.

    Oh, and he professed his love for the New England Patriots. Experiment over and Moss was run out of town. Again.

    Now, the Tennessee Titans apparently think they can handle the soap opera wide receiver. Good luck with that boys.

10. Even the Oakland Raiders Couldn't Handle Him

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    Shouldn't there be a huge hint to every team in the league when you can't stick with the Oakland Raiders. They were able to handle Warren Sapp.

9. He's Been Run Out of Minnesota Twice

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    I'm not going to sit here and say that the idea of bringing Randy Moss back to Minnesota wasn't a good idea at the time.

    Bringing him in and let a future Hall of Fame quarterback throw to him. It was supposed to be a match made in football heaven.

    Apparently someone forgot to tell Brad Childress that Minnesota didn't like him the first time.

8. Marches to the Beat of His Own Drum

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    For awhile, it looked like Randy Moss was going to stick with the New England Patriots for the remainder of his career.

    While he wasn't running his mouth a whole lot to the media, apparently he was doing a little more than that in the locker room because there had been some rumblings that his teammates had tired of his act. Even quarterback Tom Brady who won't say so on the record.

7. Talent Gone to Waste

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    There's no question that Randy Moss has tremendous talent. He's one of the best receivers in the game, when he actually plays like it.

    This will be his fourth team so far and he's been run off by the same team twice.

6. Butts Heads With Coaches

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    Sadly, Brad Childress was the one that wanted Randy Moss and he's the one that eventually ended up running him off.

    But Childress isn't the only coach he's butted heads with and if Jeff Fischer thinks he's going to be the last, he's sorely mistaken.

5. Quits on Plays

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    We've seen it before but it reared it's ugly head again this past weekend. On a pass play, a play that Moss was tripped and almost fell, he regains his footing and watches as the ball fly about two feet to his right—without making a single effort to match the catch.

    Had he made the catch, it would have been a touchdown.

    Moss has played alongside Brett Favre and Tom Brady. If he thinks Vince Young or Kerry Collins are any better, he has another thing coming.

4. Lack of Effort

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    Moss will give full effort only when he wants to and as long as he's being thrown the ball. That may run thin in Tennessee.

3. Teammates' Patience Runs Out

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    If the rumblings are true, even though it's not said directly to the media, even teammates get tired of his act.

2. The Titans Passed on Him Once Already

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    There had to be a reason the Titans passed on Randy Moss in the 1998 NFL draft, taking instead Kevin Dyson.

    Maybe they saw this problem coming.

    Whatever they're reason is, they apparently want him now.

1. It's Not Going To Help

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    The Titans are sitting at 5-3 right now, second only to the Indianapolis Colts. Having a guy like Randy Moss isn't going to help when the pressure on the quarterback, to throw the ball more in his direction, increases.

    This was a bad idea, and they'll unfortunately find out the hard way.