Randy Moss: 10 Teams That Can Use His Services

Michael WallCorrespondent INovember 3, 2010

Randy Moss: 10 Teams That Can Use His Services

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    After the New England Patriots traded Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings, many believed that the veteran wide receiver could help turn around the Vikings' season. 

    However, the Vikings only went 1-3 in four games after giving away a third-round pick for Moss.  Brad Childress decided the the team could no longer use his services, and most players agreed. 

    The New England Patriots certainly knew what they were doing and Moss probably wishes he could go back to that organization that he loves. 

    Currently, Randy Moss is on waivers, which means the team with the worst record, the Buffalo Bills, have the best chance of picking up Moss' contract.  

    It does not really make sense for teams who do not have a shot at making the playoffs, to pick up Moss by the end of the day, but stranger things have happened in the NFL. 

    Here are the top 10 teams that could possibly claim Randy Moss off of waivers.  

10. New England Patriots

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    In order for the New England Patriots to once again acquire Randy Moss, he would have to clear waivers since the Patriots have the best record in the league. 

    The team would then sign Moss to a different, less expensive contract.  

    Although the Patriots traded him earlier this season, it does make sense that Moss would land back in New England. 

    He knows the offense, and would most likely be happy to be back.  The Patriots would get him at a discounted price and have a great group of wide receivers.  

    Tom Brady would have Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Randy Moss as his top three targets.  

    The Patriots should reacquire Moss if possible, but a team will most likely claim him.

    When Moss was talking about how much he loved New England, maybe he was just talking about the food the team provides.   

9. Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins recently acquired Brandon Marshall, but the team has struggled to find the end zone the last two weeks. 

    In each of the last two games, Miami has had to settle for five field goals. 

    At 4-3, the Dolphins still have a chance of making the playoffs, especially with divisional games left against the New England Patriots and New York Jets. 

    They team currently is ranked 19th in total offense, so the addition of Moss should improve their production, especially in the red zone. 

    Also, it would make sense for Miami to prevent Moss from landing on other AFC teams that are competing for a wild-card spot.  

8. Washington Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins could use another offensive weapon.

    Donovan McNabb is great at throwing the long ball, and Randy Moss could provide the Redskins with another deep threat. 

    Washington still has a chance at winning the NFC East, and currently has a bye week.  This would give the team some extra time to teach Moss the offense and prepare him for a crucial game against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

    However, Mike Shanahan is already dealing with the controversy involving his benching of McNabb and the addition of Moss may not be the smartest move. 

7. San Diego Chargers

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    Even at 3-5, the San Diego Chargers still believe that they can win the AFC West.   

    Philip Rivers has been playing without his best wide receivers, and has still been putting up big numbers. 

    The addition of Randy Moss could make San Diego's passing offense almost unstoppable. 

    If San Diego claims Moss, the team would be preventing its division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, from the acquiring the wide receiver. 

    However, it is not that necessary for the Chargers to sign Moss, as they may not want to disrupt their successful offense.  San Diego is already ranked first in total offense. 

6. Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks do not have many big names on their offense.   

    The team currently ranks 25th in passing yards, but is somehow in first place in the NFC West. 

    The addition of Randy Moss will certainly provide Matt Hasselback with a necessary weapon.  Mike Williams is currently the top wide receiver on the team with only 375 yards and one touchdown. 

    In a very weak division, the addition of Moss might give Seattle the extra help that they need in order to finish the season in first place.

5. Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals use to have an electric passing offense.  Currently they are ranked 30th in passing yards. 

    With instability at the quarterback position, Arizona's offense simply has not been consistent.  Larry Fitzgerald has only received for 403 yards and four touchdowns. 

    Randy Moss and Fitzgerald know each other well, so the star of the Cardinals may be lobbying for the addition of Moss as he could use some help. 

    Also, Steve Breaston would be able to move to the slot position and Arizona would have two great deep threats. 

    If the Cardinals claim Moss, the team will prevent both the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks from acquiring the Hall of Fame wide receiver. 

4. Kansas City Chiefs

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    If the Kansas City Chiefs claim Randy Moss off of waivers, the wide receiver would reunite with Matt Cassel. 

    They were a successful pair in New England after Tom Brady was injured in the first game of the 2008 season. 

    The Chiefs are currently the worst passing team in the NFL.  They are the best rushing team in the league and the addition of Moss should only open more holes for the rushing game. 

    Kansas City could possibly secure a division title by adding Moss to an offense that already features Dwayne Bowe. 

    However, the Chiefs have a record of 5-2.  Many teams, such as the Oakland Raiders, would have to pass up on Moss in order for Kansas City to have a chance at acquiring Moss. 

3. Tennessee Titans

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    Last weekend, Kenny Britt suffered a hamstring injury that appears to be very serious. 

    The Tennessee Titans will be without their top wide receiver for several weeks, while attempting to stay in the playoff hunt in the tight AFC South. 

    Randy Moss would also open up many holes for running back Chris Johnson.  Opponents would have to be concerned about the deep threat, as safeties could not just focus on stopping Johnson. 

    Once again though, the Titans would have to get pretty lucky and have most NFL teams pass up on Moss. 

    Tennessee should certainly take a chance and make a claim for Moss.  The addition should improve a passing offense that is currently ranked 24th.  

2. St. Louis Rams

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    Sam Bradford could definitely use another weapon after the St. Louis Rams have lost their top two wide receivers to injury. 

    Similarly to the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams have a bunch of no-name players for wide receivers.  Danny Amendola leads the team in receiving. 

    At 4-4, St. Louis currently has a very good chance to win the weak NFC West, and also a good shot of adding Randy Moss. 

    The acquisition may give the Rams an edge over teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. 

    However, the Rams are a team still in the rebuilding process and acquiring Moss may be too risky of a move for management. 

1. Oakland Raiders

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    In one season, Randy Moss could possibly experience two homecomings. 

    The Oakland Raiders have a great chance of winning the AFC West and should make a claim for the talented wide receiver. 

    Zach Miller, a tight end, currently leads the team in receiving with 461 yards.  Oakland WR Louis Murphy is second with 337 yards and only one touchdown. 

    Whether the quarterback is Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski, Oakland's passing offense could definitely use some improvement. 

    The Raiders are currently ranked 20th in the NFL in passing yards, while the addition of Moss will only make their great rushing offense better. 

    At 4-4, the Raiders' odds of getting Moss are pretty high and the move would prevent the Kansas City Chiefs from acquiring the wide receiver.