Tennessee Titans Claim Randy Moss: Is This a Smart Move?

Brandon GriffinCorrespondent INovember 3, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - OCTOBER 17:  Wide receiver Randy Moss #84 of the Minnesota Vikings catches a pass during the third quarter at Mall of America Field on October 17, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Cowboys 24-21.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Randy Moss, the future Hall of Famer that doesn't always play to potential. He likes to be in situations where he is going to get the ball and is the number one man on the team besides the quarterback.

That is not the case in Tennessee, where Chris Johnson and Vince Young are the focal point of the offense. An offense that is historically been a run first and pass as a last resort.

The Titans claimed Randy Moss off the waiver wire and have now added one of the games best over-the-top threats in the game. This will help to complement Vince Young's arm, which he has shown to be deadly accurate at times over the past two seasons.

The biggest problem here is that Randy Moss is a slouch. I don't care if he says he is a hard player. He doesn't always give 100 percent, as Darrelle Revis has said in the past.

Just examine the last play of the game with the Packers. Brett Favre throws a pass that is a bit high, but could be caught with a little effort and Moss just watches it go over him.

Another instance was this past weekend when Moss was interfered with in New England.  He just stayed on his feet to watch a ball hit the ground at the goal-line less than a foot from him. Simply put, he let a touchdown pass he could have caught hit the ground without effort. Two plays later Brett Favre was injured and did not return.

The Titans, compared to the Vikings, have nearly the same skill at wide receiver with Nate Washington, Justin Gage and Kenny Britt. The Titans are also solid at tight end and have one of the best running backs in Chris Johnson.

The Titans have been trying to open up the passing game, so Johnson will have more running room and Randy Moss is the type of player that can do that. Along with Nate Washington and Justin Gage, who should be back by the next game, the Titans passing attack is more dangerous than ever and will get even better when Kenny Britt returns from injury later in the year.

In my opinion, Moss is a troublemaker when he doesn't get what he wants, which he probably won't in Tennessee, but as opposed to Minnesota, the Titans have a head coach that won't allow for any of his nonsense.

This is a move that could play out very well for the Titans, but it is one that could hurt the Titans as well. If Jeff Fisher can keep Moss from being immature, then the Titans may have found themselves a great asset for the rest of the season. How do you feel this will work out for the Titans, the AFC South and then entire NFL?