Vince Young: Season Over For Tennessee Titans' Temperamental QB

Bryan HollisterAnalyst INovember 22, 2010

Young's season appears sacked after injuring his throwing hand
Young's season appears sacked after injuring his throwing handGrant Halverson/Getty Images

When it rains, it pours.

In a press conference with reporters this afternoon, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher confirmed that Vince Young, the Titans' erstwhile temperamental quarterback, is finished for the season.

Citing reports from the team doctors, Fisher stated that a torn flexor tendon in VY's throwing hand will require surgery, meaning that before Thanksgiving, Young will be placed on the IR list, a death knoll for his season.

Not that Vince didn't do everything in his power to ensure his season was over before leaving Titans stadium yesterday.

After hearing boos from a somewhat fickle home crowd following a series of failed third down attempts, Young appeared to taunt the home crowd, raising his arms and waving his hands in a clear "bring it on" gesture; after injuring his thumb and not being able to return to the field, Young stormed into the locker room, removing part of his uniform and throwing it into the crowd along the way.

The final straw came after the game, when Coach Fisher was preparing to address the team in the locker room. After being overheard muttering obscenities and being told to quiet down, Young stood up and, according to some reports, went to leave the room. Coach Fisher attempted to stop him by telling him not to walk out on his team, to which Young replied, "I'm not running out on my team; I'm running out on you."

Attempts by teammates, although denied, to prevent him from leaving had no effect on Young's decision to depart, seemingly slamming the door on his chances of ever repairing the damage done to his "relationship" with Fisher.

Prior to his removal from the game, Young's numbers, while not stellar, were nothing to sneeze at: 12 of 16 for 165 yards against an unusually staunch Redskins defense.

When asked in the press conference whether Young had a different opinion as to the severity of the injury, Fisher indicated that it did not matter how many other opinions Young has, stating, "Our doctors said for his position, it needs to be fixed, and so we're gonna go ahead and do that based on their recommendation."

Stating that his focus was no longer on Vince Young, but on "moving forward with this team," Fisher left little doubt that he, at least, was done with the hand-holding.

"We have to get back to wining football games, " Fisher stated, announcing that Rusty Smith was the Titans' starter, as well as indicating that former Titans' backup Chris Simms would be returning to the squad in the No. 2 position until veteran Kerry Collins recovers enough to play.

Fisher left very little doubt as to how he felt about Young's post-game antics; when asked by Hope Hines, the sportscaster for Channel 5 news in Nashville, Tennessee, what would have happened had Young NOT required surgery, Fisher replied that Young "would not be our starter this week" based on his actions after the game.

Refusing to answer any questions about player reactions, coach Fisher noted that the players "knew what happened," and that any relationship repair would have to wait until after the season.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Titans' eccentric owner, Bud Adams, will step in and overrule his coach again once Young is healed enough to play. Coach Fisher, never one to discuss his contract details, did state in the press conference that he had one year remaining in his current contract and did hope to finish his career in Tennessee.

It isn't much of a leap to state that if he does finish out with the Titans, it will be WITHOUT one Vince Young.