Brett Favre is Keeping Minnesota Vikings From Reaching Their Potential

Patrick HallContributor IOctober 28, 2010

Minnesota can't continue waiting on Favre, they need to move forward with a more reliable QB.
Minnesota can't continue waiting on Favre, they need to move forward with a more reliable QB.Jim Prisching/Getty Images

Every week during this NFL season we have continued to hear about Brett Favre

Will he come back? Will he retire? Will he play? Will he sit? Are he and Childress at odds?  Did he send nude pictures from his cell phone?

Every week it's something else that gets his name into the headlines. 

This week the story is about Favre's latest injury and everyone is seemingly on the edge of their seat waiting to see what Favre will do. 

Is this the end of his consecutive games streak? Many of us are getting fed up with all the attention that has been given to Favre and his every little decision that he makes. Fans aren't the only ones that should be fed up.

The Minnesota Vikings have to be getting incredibly tired with waiting on Favre.

The Vikings needs to take a look at what the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets have done post-Favre. Both teams are doing pretty well for themselves.

Green Bay has found their QB of the future in Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets drafted Mark Sanchez last year.

Since the departure of Favre the Jets have improved significantly and are now considered one of the best teams in the NFL.

This could be the Minnesota Vikings, had they not allowed themselves to be taken hostage by the Favre public relations campaign. 

Many will argue that Favre is one of the best QB's in NFL history and he led Minnesota to the NFC Championship game last year. It is true that Favre had one the best regular seasons of his career. The problem with the older version of Favre is that he fades at the end of the season when you really need your QB to shine. 

His last year with the Jets they lost four out of their last five games, in which Favre threw eight interceptions and only two TDs. 

Last year Favre ended the season the same way he ended his stint in Green Bay, with an essentially game ending interception. 

He has not really performed all that poorly for the Minnesota Vikings, he has actually been on top of his game for the majority of his time. The damage Favre has done to the Vikings has been more off the field than on the field. 

As we saw in Green Bay and New York, once the Jets and Packers began moving on, they were able to find some stability at the QB position. The kind of stability that Favre has not been able to offer for more than five years now.

With Favre you never know what kind of game you will get out of him. (three TDs and one INT vs. NYJ, or zero TDs and three INTs vs. MIA)

But more importantly you never know if he will actually be back as your QB next year.

Minnesota has wasted more than two years of precious development time they could be giving a young QB, thanks to this experiment. 

The Vikings have a lot of weapons both on offense and defense. Minnesota could have used a high draft pick in the 2009 or 2010 draft on a young QB the way Green Bay and the Jets have done. 

Instead, the Vikings are left wasting the prime of Adrian Peterson's career with an inconsistent QB that will hurt your team as often as he helps it. 

Minnesota would have been better off if they had steered clear of Favre.