NFL State of the Nation: Full of Sloppy Perverts, Not Football Players

Kate ConroySenior Analyst IIOctober 26, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - OCTOBER 24:  A fan holds a sign as Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings arrive at Lambeau Field on October 24, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)
Jim Prisching/Getty Images

What is the current state of the NFL?

Sloppy, reckless and disastrous with no Superbowl caliber teams in site.

That is the current state of the NFL, at least from the games I have watched this season.

It is pretty standard: football slowly blends in with the end of the baseball season, which gives fans an easier transition. The transfer is usually not this tough.

To be honest, after such a competitive MLB season, it is hard to swallow the NFL right now. Peyton's Colts stink just as badly as Brady's Patriots, when both are usually such smooth operators.

From the New Orleans Saints to the Baltimore Ravens, once a team starts to look good, they fall flat and vice versa.

My New York Giants looked done at the start of the season, losing their first two games, and it was ugly.

Now, the Giants are winning and the defense looks possessed, but in a good way. It is hard to believe with so little consistency.

Another annoying football fact is that no one will shut-up about Brett Favre.

Favre’s offseason drama was not as obvious as in the past. Instead there was a preseason trip down to Mississippi to convince Favre to play just one more season. My bet is the Minnesota Vikings are kicking themselves for doing that right now.

Off the field, Favre is in some lukewarm water for sending x-rated pictures via text message to a female employee during his time on the New York Jets.

Favre has admitted to asking the young lady to come to his hotel room and contacting her about sex numerous other times. No private part pics, claimed this married man, who has kids and just became a grandfather for the first time.

This behavior has been deemed okay and right in line with the NFL’s conduct policy. Commissioner Roger Goodell just wants this situation to be finished with and done, no suspension or anything.

So how did Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger suspension of six, then four games make any sense? Harassing a fellow employee is okay, but don’t even think about doing it at a college bar in the offseason.

Favre’s only concern is ruining his precious 291 consecutive games started streak because Favre only thinks about Favre.

Then you have to look at the extra chances announcers are giving to the Dallas Cowboys, who are now 1-5.

Picking the Cowboys over the Giants this past Monday night was insulting, considering the Giants recent surge. It makes me wonder if Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is paying people to keep his team in the mix.

The Cowboys stink and it's not surprising because QB Tony Romo has always been overrated, just like the team he plays on. Go figure. Romo gets injured, once again when the team is underachieving he narrowly escapes the blame.

After beating Romo, the New York Giants look pretty good. Who knew a team could win a game when the quarterback throws three interceptions and the running backs fumble twice?

Well, Eli Manning and his Giants did just that against the Cowboys on Monday night. A win is still a win, but in the NFL how you get there is not pretty.

Let’s hope for a cleaner looking second-half of the NFL season, considering this past weekend the most points were scored in over a half-a-century. 

Don’t even slightly predict possible Super Bowl contenders right now because it is impossible to see past next week. YIKES!