ESPN's Halftime Highlight Show Shuns Kenny Britt, the Titans and Common Sense

Chase SummersCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2010

Britt Making A huge Play That you won't See
Britt Making A huge Play That you won't SeeAndy Lyons/Getty Images

Dear ESPN,

  Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans beat the Eagles in an amazing come from behind game. This comeback was sparked by receiver Kenny Britt, who caught 7 passes for 225 yards and 3 touchdowns.

  With the Titans down by nine, Britt made an amazing 80 yard catch in which he adjusted to an underthrown ball by Kerry Collins, spun away from a defender, and was off to the races.

  The catch sparked the Titans, who got a stop on defense and kicked a field goal after another great 36 yard catch got them into Eagles territory. A few minutes later, Britt made another touchdown catch that sealed the game. After a field goal and a pick six, the Titans had scored a remarkable 27 points in the fourth quarter to win 37-19.

  It was an amazing game and a great performance by Britt. Yet, it was not on the fastest three minutes on the Monday Night Football halftime show. Instead, you raved about Roddy White's 150 yard 2 TD game; White's performance was impressive, but nowhere near as impressive as Britt's game changing outing.

  I'm disappointed. I look foward to this show every Monday night, because it usually shows the best highlights of the week. But tonight, you missed a chance to showcase one of the league's bright young stars. You also missed a chance to show off an amazing fourth quarter rally in an exciting game between two great teams.

  Honestly, I am lead to believe that you didn't do your homework on this one. The Titans and Kenny Britt are usually not a sexy flashy team, but yesterday they showed they can be whatever they need to be to win. They showed poise and desire in the comeback and solidified themselves as a legitimate Superbowl contender. you are supposed to show coverage and analysis of important games like this. Your oversight in this matter makes me sad, ESPN. I expected more from you. We all did.