The Rumble In The West: Oakland Raiders Get A Shot at Back To Back Wins

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIOctober 12, 2010

The Oakland Raiders have a shot at back to back wins in SF
The Oakland Raiders have a shot at back to back wins in SFDavid Paul Morris/Getty Images

This is a game long time arriving for the fans of the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

During preseason, these two teams got together and the Raiders played well in the first half without Richard Seymour; in the end, the Raiders lost the preseason warm up.

That was then, this is now.

As it stands, the Oakland Raiders are coming off a huge win at home against the San Diego Chargers—congrats on ending the losing streak!

Michael Bush ran for over a 100 yards and the Raiders' special teams and its highly touted defense played smash mouth football to get another win at home.

So, is there a chance for the Raiders to take home a win and get a back to back win? I would have to say "Yes."

To begin with, let's look at the QBs of both teams: the Raiders at this point have two options in Bruce Gradkowski and Jason Campbell; both have shown that they can win games.

Both QBs will scramble when needed and I suspect that Jason Campbell would love to become the starter again; he played well against the Chargers. Play like this will defeat the 49ers.

However, Bruce Gradkowski is the QB and although he does get hurt, the guy is simply the spark plug in the Oakland Raider 427 Supercharged Raider big block. The players love to play for Gradkowski and what I see different is the rapid release of the football.

What Bruce Gradkowski does is make the players shine and he throws to all of them. (Gannon?) If Bruce plays, then there will be a win. Bruce Gannon, lol.

As I watched Jason Campbell in the pocket, I did notice that he took time to setup. Campbell also stares at the player he is going to pass to—this is a huge give away.

The Raider defense will be the key to the Raider win in SF; the Raider defense should be able to hurry QB Alex Smith or whatever QB is in the hot seat next week—there will be huge turnovers.

San Francisco's true weapons are the legs of RB Frank Gore; he is a solid player and his heart seems to be pumping alone in SF.

Frank Gore will not be a factor; in fact, he should get little yardage as Richard Seymour, Kamerion Wimbley, Rolando McClain and the rest of the D shuts him down.

The Raiders defense has improved from game to game and in San Francisco, they should reach the pinnacle.

They must play with fewer penalties; they can not allow Frank Gore to find holes as Arian Foster did last week.

So who will lead San Francisco? It almost seems as if head coach Mike Singletary wants to bench Alex Smith and bring in  Former Fresno State star QB David Carr. I would doubt a QB change now—chances are to let Alex Smith grow.

But facing the Raider defense next week will be the reason Alex Smith throws at least two interceptions.

A Battle of the Bays—a Rumble in the West for pride.

Who is the better team: the Oakland Raiders or the San Francisco 49ers? This is the real deal and this time the Oakland Raiders will go home winners with back to back wins.

The Raiders are by far stronger than the 49ers and should dominate this game. It's exciting to see these two teams matched up in regular season. Silver and Black baby!

Raiders 33, 49ers 20