Brett Favre: Why There is No Reason To Jump to Any Definite Conclusion

James YaegerContributor IOctober 8, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 26:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings reacts after throwing an incomplete pass against the Detroit Lions at Mall of America Field on September 26, 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

As we know, the off-field antics of pro athletes will captivate mass amounts of people, dominate headlines for weeks, and will often overshadow their performances on the field.

For the most part the "damning new evidence" that purportedly involves the Minnesota Vikings star Quarterback has hardly done any of those.  Take a look, it wasn't until recent hours that major sports-oriented mass media began covering the recent events, I myself hadn't heard of the allegations until mere hours ago, and Brett Favre would much rather talk about his upcoming game with New York and whether or not he would have played for the Jets in 2009 (but then again wouldn't you?).

In all seriousness though, you really have to question this story and the truth behind it.  For those that are new to these recent events (as I was) here's a quick rundown:

On Thursday, sports blog site posted a video including text message and voice-mail transcripts claiming to be Brett Favre soliciting himself to then New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.

At a later press conference Favre refused to comment on the matter, instead focusing on his upcoming Monday Night Football matchup.

The Jets, as reported by fellow BR correspondent Sam Westmoreland have also decided to remain mum on the issue, with the exception of denying any previous knowledge.

The NFL is reportedly reviewing the matter, but that is all the statement that they will give.

Sterger has yet to make a direct statement on the controversy, notwithstanding earlier bitter  comments she gave to Deadspin last year.  Her agent has given just one statement saying, "Jenn did not release any information."

As of 4:05pm, the Minnesota Vikings have yet to make an official public release.

Now for some critical thinking and details.

A story can only be trusted as much as its originating source, so let's start there. is a Sports-gossip site that centers around blogs detailing the off-field antics of various athletes.  The site has managed slight mainstream recognition from various sources such as SportsCenter and ESPN, but the site itself hardly appears professional. 

One of the site's various claims to fame is their self marketed "Athlete Dong" posts, the name should be enough of a description there.  And the quickest of visits to the homepage will reveal a variety of less-than-flattering terms for the male anatomy, not to mention some choice other words which really hold no standing in a Professional or Corporate line of work.

In addition the source claims that everything in the video is undeniably Favre, including the voice, the messages, and quite obviously the photos.  But there really is no way to steadfastly confirm any of these without a direct statement from the perpetrator or the victim, neither of which have been forthcoming. 

Favre doesn't exactly have the most unique voice in the world.  I'm sure there are plenty of others out there who can claim to have that deep, southern twang growl in their voice.

The text messages are from an unidentified and unverified phone number, and the supposed MySpace messages come from an online alias of "Screaming Lord Byron,"  painting a rather vague picture of the voice supposedly belonging to Favre.


Finally, to go a bit further, a statement directly from Deadspin reveals that the true source of the messages and photos will go unrevealed, and no information will be given other than that the source was paid for releasing the information.

So the true question, if everything is indeed proven to be a fraud, is who was it that would go so far as to frame one of the best Quarterbacks to ever suit up.  A bitter Packers fan?  A person in need of some money?  A website wanting a bit more attention?  An actress and model wanting a shot in the limelight?  With so many variables already cemented into a story it could be hard to know when or if, answers will finally be revealed. 



Since the posting of this article, 2 more women, both former and/or current employees of the New York Jets, have come out saying they have had similar experiences with the former Jet.  The experiences were reported to both and The New York Post. (According to

In addition, the New York Jets have now said that they are "Working closely with the NFL" regarding the issue.