As far back as I can remember, I've loved sports. As the product of a Jayhawk and a Volunteer, raised as a Cub in the land where wild Reds run free, and indoctrinated into the churches of Who Dey?, Miller Time and Patrick Roy, it seemed all I did was watch sports, read about sports, talk about sports.

When I made the devastating realization that my career aspirations in the NBA or the MLS were kaput due to a medical condition known as "Lack of Talent", I settled instead upon writing about the sports I so obsessed over.

A 2009 graduate of Hanover College, where I settled into a role as a sports columnist, then editor, then editor-in-chief of the college paper, I spent the months immediately following my graduation covering high school sports in the Indianapolis area for a now defunct website.

I've worked as a PA announcer for the Western and Southern Financial Group Masters and Women's Open, which allowed me to sit and chat with Novak Djokovic for 20 minutes about nothing in particular, while I was announcing a match on grandstand court. I have also made a career out of simultaneously amazing and annoying everyone around me with my seemingly endless knowledge of all things sports (although I don't get paid for that, so it's really more of a hobby).

I've been a fantasy sports addict for years now, starting in 7th grade with baseball, but quickly branching out to football, basketball, hockey, and on occasion, NASCAR. I've always had a love of analyzing games as they were going on, a habit that started with my father (since I had to dictate what was going on during Tennessee football games; he refused to watch and stood in the hall, asking me what was going on).

The Chicago Cubs have always been my baseball team of choice (although the Reds have a special place in my heart too), while the Bengals and Bears quickly became my teams in football (the padded kind, not the GOOOOOOOOL!!! kind) and Reggie Miller won me over back when he battled Jordan's Bulls. Lacking a hockey team in close proximity to me for most of my youth, I settled upon the Habs and Avs; the Avs because Patrick Roy was my favorite player; the Habs because of the history. Despite playing football (the GOOOOOL!!! variety) for my entire childhood, I was a little late to the European professional scene, settling on Glasgow Celtic, Newcastle, Manchester United, Fiorentina, and Barcelona. I found myself as a member of the Tartan Army internationally, although I do root for England and the Netherlands as well.

My college rooting interests were indoctrinated in my mind at a young age, and I will forever be a Jayhawk and a Volunteer.

I play a pair of Irish sports, hurling and gaelic football, one of which involves a stick, a ball, and hand eye coordination, the other of which involves a soccer ball and your hands. They're both incredibly addicting; I highly recommend looking them up and possibly trying them.

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  • David Persons posted 1143 days ago

    David Persons

    Sam, excellent article on which Cinderellas who have the best chance to advance. Keep up the good writing !

  • Grant Taylor posted 1368 days ago

    Grant Taylor

    Hi Sam,
    I'm a relatively new writer on Bleacher Report(http://bleacherreport.com/users/581500-grant-taylor), and am curious about the progression(promotions) of writers and the paid opportunities mentioned in the "5 Reasons to Write for Bleacher Report" article.
    Thank you for your time,
    Grant Taylor

  • God Bless Al Davis posted 1371 days ago

    God Bless Al Davis

    Stop writing about the Raiders you don't have a clue and your horribly bias.

  • Al Duffy posted 1388 days ago

    Al Duffy

    Sam i've had the misfortune to read a number of your stories, mostly concerning Man UTD, and i think you're the epitome of what is wrong with the internet. anyone on there thinks their opinions are valid and worth "getting out there". I've never read a story of yours that didn't contain some complete lies/no research at all. (most recently Berbatov is Serbian, he's Bulgarian, Javier Palermo is Argentinian, it's Javier Pastore and he's Chilean to name just two). I can't speak for your stories concerning US sports as i have no knowledge of your "facts" there but with regards to football (i'm European that's what we call it) you seem to know literally nothing, instead just plump for writing any old sxxt. could i ask that you please stop writing about things you clearly know nothing about. i realise this may seem harsh, i mean you (as a person) no ill will or anything of the sort. but surely it can't be that important to boast to your friends that you had an "article" published, why not try fiction or short stories as your "articles" amount to as much at least when they pertain to football.

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 1388 days ago


    Good luck on Sunday.

  • Rob L. posted 1389 days ago

    Rob L.

    Very little in your bio suggests you know or care much about Manchester United but you write a lot about them, so I guess you do :)
    Anyway, this is probably completely the wrong place for such a question but do you have any idea why the comments for Sports Shorts include ones from months ago and completely irrelevant to the post? I was trying to comment on one of your recent articles but the comments already there seemed to be unrelated.

  • Ryan Richards posted 1424 days ago

    Ryan Richards

    Yeah, just read your article on the 50 worst sports movies of all time. Bagger Vance - unacceptable. If you are going to condemn a very good movie as one of the worst of all time, at LEAST give a reason. And if the aim was to gang up on golf movies, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" would rank worse than Bagger Vance. Also, 'Caddyshack 2" would rank worse than either.

    Also, why say that the Twins went 90-72 in 1992 - making them an unacceptable "bad team" for Little Big League, which came out in 1994, and then call the Phillies an acceptable "bad team" even though THEY WERE IN THE WORLD SERIES IN 1993?

    Again, unacceptable.

    Yes, I joined the Bleacher Report just to point out these issues in an otherwise solid article.

  • Ric Hooley posted 1428 days ago

    Ric Hooley

    With Paul Scholes retiring, they lacked a skilled playmaker in the center of the midfield (and frankly, given his play last season, they could have used someone new then, as well)

    This above comment is just the sort of thing I'd expect from a Yank, halfway around the world trying to talk about football (yes, football, not "soccer"). You know nothing - Paul Scholes is regarded as the best, most talented midfielder of his generation - not my words but Zinedine Zidane's words. Have you heard of him? Don't comment on things you don't understand and don't write derogatory, disrespectful articles about one the game's most respected, gifted and more gentlemanly players. If Sir Alex Ferguson was trying to convince him to stay on for one more season then he knew he still had things to offer - and he knows more than you, little man. And as a Man Utd fan, living in Manchester, I certainly know more than you as well. Stick to Baseball or American Football for the love of God.