Patriots Say "Goodbye" to Moss and "Hello" to Vincent Jackson?

Kyle T. MosleyCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Moss leaves the Patriots empty.
Moss leaves the Patriots empty.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have said goodbye to Randy Moss and shipped him off to the Vikings for a third round draft choice in 2011.  The question is, Why?  Why would he trade his only deep threat and a player that commands double teams from opposing defenses?  Why would he place his star QB in a position to make difficult plays without Moss in the lineup?  Frankly, what is up Bill's sleeve?

Mike Lombardi, on the NFL Network, said New England has a stockpile of #1's, #2's, and #3 draft picks in 2011.  So, logic would be that a Vincent Jackson trade could be in play between the Chargers and New England.  Everyone knows that San Diego's GM Smith, did not want to let Jackson go without at least a #1 draft pick to be a part of the trade.  If New England is willing to give up multiple high draft choices for Jackson, it would be a logically plan to allow Moss to be traded to the Vikings.

Trade value always means a lot to Bill Belichick, let's see if the Pats are willing to stay pat or pull the trigger and get Jackson in New England's receiving corps.  Look at what Bill said on "The Big Show" yesterday after winning against the Dolphins on Monday night:

Randy Moss no catches:

I think any time you throw the ball unless it is a screen pass the  quarterback does the same thing he always does; he reads the coverage  and based on the coverage and the route that we have called, he goes to  where the lightest part of the coverage is, the place that we have the most space to throw or if it’s man-to-man coverage where the best  match-up is. That’s the way it always is and that’s the way it will be. I  think that’s the way it turns out sometimes, sometimes certain players,  in some games, get more opportunities than others. But in the end it is  the quarterback’s job to read the coverage and throw the ball to the  right place.

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Randy’s OK with that? Just being targeted once?

Well ya when there’s people on him that means there’s less people somewhere else.
If he really believe this about Moss, then why trade him unless he is developing a scheme to get someone else on the field.  Did Moss "wear out his welcome" by complaining about his "no" contract talks with the Pats, maybe?  Better yet, Bill may be ready to pull his "river card" and get a Vincent Jackson flush to win the AFC.

Who gets the better deal?  Brett Favre or Tom Brady?  Belichick or Childress?  Moss or Vincent?  AFC or NFC?


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