Indianapolis Colts: Is Head Coach Jim Caldwell the Problem?

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Indianapolis Colts: Is Head Coach Jim Caldwell the Problem?
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Last year, Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell almost joined George Seifert of the San Francisco 49ers as the only rookie head coach ever to win the Super Bowl.


This year the Colts are off to a rocky start. While 2-2 is not the end of the world (they'll probably go 12-4 and make the playoffs), Colts fans are used to success at the beginning of the season. 

But is coach Caldwell the problem?

Well, against the Jags he was.

Regardless of how good (bad) the Jaguars are, they always play tough against the Colts.

So, for Indy to beat the Jags it comes down two things: clock management and game planning.

In the first place, the Colts didn't  have an answer for Maurice Jones Drew, who up until now has been absolutely mediocre.

But, MJD is the Jags offense—game planning for him should be a priority.

Then there's clock management.  Why call a timeout with 36 seconds left in the game, when the Jags have the ball, and it's second and two? 

Chances are the Jags were going to get a first the end of regulation and the game goes into overtime.

Instead, Caldwell stopped the clock. Jacksonville got into field goal range (just barely) and won the game.

Who knows if the Colts would've won in overtime, but at least they'd have a chance.

Sometimes the Colts are going to win, because their offense is electric and Peyton Manning will light up the stadium.

And sometimes the game will be a chess match.

So far this year, Caldwell hasn't won the chess match.

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