San Francisco Giants Impatiently Shoot Themselves in the Side - er, Foot

Victor FrankensteinContributor ISeptember 27, 2010

As were the factors that landed him in the hospital in the first place, the details concerning ONdres (Andres) Torres' recent midgame removal in the 9/25 loss to Colorado are now surfacing with greater accuracy.

  Per Chris Haft on the Giants' own website Torres apparently tore scar tissue during the game.

This had initially - by the same source - been softballed as "discomfort", though perhaps that's all Haft had to work with.

As I speculated in my earlier article ONdres has a lot to consider when choosing whether he plays or not. It has been revealed that his appendix did indeed rupture, which is what landed him in the hospital in the first place. Prior to the rupture he was admittedly in pain but chose not to reveal it until it was unbearable.

Unbearable, of course, varies from person to person.

Ondres' ability to eat pain dwarfs that of the normal human being with less on the line. It wasn't a judicious decision, and I felt that his past torturous minor league dominant career, his age and future playing time weighed in on his decision to - pardon the pun - hold it in.

Now he and his handlers have reinjured the goose that hits the golden home run as well as the golden gazelle in CF.





Who is the person responsible for allowing this to happen ?

Did Dave Groeschner, the Giants head trainer, ask ONdres if he felt ready to play? Given ONdres' past errors in judgment concerning his personal well being did he honestly expect anything but an affirmative answer?

ONdres was playing in gut - wrenching pain before. Now he's not playing at all.

They could have waited an additional week. That they didn't may be a pivotal decision regarding the Giants' playoff chances.

If he misses the season finale with San Diego there should be an inquiry.

And maybe a serious rethinking of the Giants' medical staffing.