Donovan McNabb Returning To Philly To Take On Mike Vick...Oh, the Irony

Ray BoydContributor ISeptember 26, 2010

McNabb and Vick in their days in Philly together
McNabb and Vick in their days in Philly togetherJim McIsaac/Getty Images

Next weekend the Washington Redskins will make their annual trek up to Lincoln Financial Field, only this year, they will be taking with them the Quarterback they typically prepare to face.

Michael Vick will be leading the team that deprived him of a Superbowl appearance against the quarterback who led that team against Vick. McNabb will be facing the quarterback that he helped get back into the NFL after two years in prison. This game has more possible story lines than one could possibly think of.

Not only are these quarterbacks tied together in the NFL. They have a little history together prior. McNabb recruited Vick to come to Syracuse when he was leaving, much like he played a role in bringing him to Philly. Although Vick opted for Virginia Tech, their games have been compared ever since those days.

Both quarterbacks have epitomized what is means to be a running quarterback throughout their career. Their extreme athletic ability has given both of them a tremendous amount of success and they will have the chance to go head to head against each other once again.

McNabb and Vick have had some incredible games throughout their career against each other and it will be great to see them on opposing sidelines once again.

Despite all of their similarities the irony of next week's match up will be the fact that Donovan McNabb will most likely be booed, at least in part when he takes the field against the Birds, but the fans will be cheering for a quarterback that they booed for years, including some of the time he played for them, and who plays a style similar to the one McNabb used to play. It's funny how history repeats itself.


Hopefully McNabb is not booed. There will certainly be Philly fans who cheer for McNabb because they are knowledgeable of the fact that he is clearly the best quarterback in Eagles history and without him the Birds would of been nothing. But, there will undoubtedly be fans who boo and those will be the fans who prove that not everyone has a sense of morals.

It's funny how the people who advocated against Michael Vick's return to football in the first place, will be some of the same people who boo McNabb and cheer for Vick now. McNabb throughout his career has been nothing but a stand up individual but that never bought him any favor in Philly. Why don't people love McNabb for being a good guy as much as they dislike Vick for his past actions?

 I always tell people not to look up to athletes as role models because they are people to but I must say I would have no problem telling children to look up to Donovan McNabb.

Of course it is not a fans job to cheer for players who are "good guys". But if that is the case, do not act so outraged by guys like Michael Vick getting a chance without acknowledging how good of a guy Donovan McNabb was and continues to be.

All people deserve a second chance in life and it is good to see Vick doing so well because he deserves it, but lets not forget about players like McNabb who never needed a second chance off the field because he did things right in the first place, but I guess the fans really never appreciated that.