Oakland Raiders: Will Al Davis Release Sebastian Janikowski?

greg pitschSenior Analyst ISeptember 26, 2010

Sebastian Janikowski walking off the field lonely.
Sebastian Janikowski walking off the field lonely.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After missing his third field goal of the day, with time expired, Sebastian Janikowski showed how he felt.  Without any words or reactions.  The whole Raider nation saw the body language Janikowski displayed by falling to the field.  He knows that Al Davis will have a few words for his favorite Raider of all time.  Well, now soon to be former favorite.

Will Al Davis let emotions get the best of him this week, following the loss to the (2-1) Arizona Cardinals.  We have seen Al Davis cut ties with high-profile names as recent as this off-season, saying goodbye to the fourth year Quarterback JaMarcus Russell.  Janikowski's missed FG not only cost Oakland the game, but they're first 2-1 start since 2004. 

Another thing to keep in mind is how rarely Sebastian misses, today not only one, but three misses, from 58, 41, and 36 yards out.  Al Davis has trust issues, and how can he trust Janikowski to get the job done?  That's where Al Davis needs to sit down and have a comfortable chat with his best draft pick, and ask him, "what happened?"

What will Janikowski say in his defense?  Just don't make any excuse, because Al Davis' fuse is getting short with excuses.  If you even have a defense, I still would not advise him to say anything at all except, "I had a bad day."  Every fan, player and coach for the Oakland Raiders, is already saying, "he had a bad game."

It's not okay Janikowski, but we love you enough to allow you to make this one up to us.  Don't EVER do that again!!