Brett Favre's Ultimate Team Burden: Vikings QB Admits He Is Far From 2009 Form

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 19:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings watches from the sidelines during the first half of the game against the Miami Dolphins on September 19, 2010 at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It has been well detailed in the past that Brad Childress' beard has been by far the darkest patch of gray in all forms of life in the Minnesota Vikings locker room.  But as funny as this story really is, unfortunately for all fans of the game, Brett Favre's receding hair line now takes the cake in the funny pages.

Thinking back to 2009, a lot has changed in the NFL.  The Cowboys are 0-2, Donovan McNabb is on a totally different roster, and more importantly, the Minnesota Vikings are struggling more than an obese child in fat camp at the present time.

For those Brett Favre criticizers among us, you would be loving this story.  Seemingly gone are the days of the pin point accurate quarterback, and in some kind of "out with the old and in with the new" mentality, with this change of play comes a senile looking player that is on the hot seat in Minnesota right now.

So what it is that has made Brett Favre look so awful in the past two weeks?

Perhaps the word "awful" isn't the best choice of words, considering that Brett Favre is of a legendary status in the NFL.  However, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that Favre's recent ways are far from what we expected heading into the season.

To everyone's knowledge, this whole issue began to develop in the preseason.  Brett Favre hastily returned to the Vikings after allegedly being "begged" to return, and following a four-play game against the San Francisco 49ers that saw Favre take a big time sack, a few concerned eyebrows were raised.

Following on from that lackluster appearance, the issue continued to snowball.  Brett Favre's ankle received some attention during the lead up to Week 1, and when Favre threw an interception against the New Orleans Saints in the Super Dome, shades of the old Brett Favre began to appear.

But aside from what we already know, the current situation that stands doesn't favor Favre at all. 

Firstly, the media has been on Favre's back from the get go.  Anytime the NFL's so called "Jesus Christ" figure performs poorly, people are going to react in a negative way.

Secondly, what Favre stated in the press recently didn't convince fans one way or another in terms of his performance.

"I don't want to raise red flags," Brett Favre said on Thursday. "We gotta get on the same page, because we're 0-2. We gotta find a way to get this thing going. I gotta make better decisions. I gotta play better."

Now I don't want to sound to judgemental here, but to be quite frank, a red flag has already been raised in Minnesota by not only the fans, but every person who follows the NFL.  Not only have the Vikings lost Sidney Rice to injury that has certainly affected Favre's performance, the team is simply 0-2, something that no one expected out of a potential Super Bowl contender this season.

Yet as unconvincing as Brett Favre's statement was, he then backed up his words with the truth, even if some fans can't handle it.

"Right now, we're kind of grasping at straws trying to figure out things," Favre stated. "I think we, me included, can get on the same page even better."

To give Brett Favre some much needed credit, he has at least told everybody what the problem is, even though we were already firmly aware. 

For the most part, the problems in Minnesota right now can be resolved with a big time win over the Detroit Lions this Sunday.  If Brad Childress' men perform exceptionally well at home, then the pressure should dismount from the shoulders of Favre, even if it is only temporarily.

The other positive to focus on during this dilemma, is the fact that the Vikings managed to sign former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett this past week.  Yes, Baskett is questionably talented, and yes he doesn't have the stats that the Vikings would love, but he is at least another option for Favre to throw to, especially considering that Percy Harvin is once again suffering with migraines.

I guess that we can all agree that Brett Favre's final show in Minnesota has been far from pleasing.  Given that it is only early days, with the Vikings falling to 0-2, Brett Favre's decision to return for one last year is now under constant questioning.

However, in the Vikings defense, it is arguable to say that the team would be in the same position right now if Tavaris Jackson was the starting quarterback over ole' No. 4.

But in all honesty, were we really expecting a little too much from Favre this season?

Well it may come as an insult to Packer fans, but Brett Favre himself has deemed his 2009 season in Minnesota as his all time best performance in his career.

Therefore with this in mind, perhaps we were all expecting a blockbuster show from Brett Favre, only to be disappointed, similar to the later generation Star Trek movies.

And are the Vikings grasping at straws right now?

Maybe. God knows that Brad Childress must pick up a win this week to keep himself away from the swinging media spotlight.  Yet at the same time, teams such as San Diego have dug themselves out of 0-2 holes in the past, and have still made the postseason.

Luckily for the Vikings they have a quarterback that is notorious for pulling off the impossible.  The old timer may look sore and tired now, and I guess he is, but that is still no reason to discount him from turning this misfortune around.

If there is anything that Favre is good at, it's winning when the troops are down.  When his father died several years ago and the Packers were set to take on the Oakland Raiders in Monday Night Football, did Brett Favre perform well?  You can bet your house he did.

As it stands right now, Favre's stats are dismal at this point in time—396 total yards, one overall touchdown, and four picks is extremely unusual for a player of Favre's talent. 

Still, this guy knows how to win, and with the winless Detroit Lions flying to Minnesota for Sunday's game, what better way to seize an opportunity to get a W on the board?

For now we won't panic too much, even if the Vikings themselves are.  0-2 is doable, and Brett Favre can make that happen.  If by some stroke of luck Minnesota lose this weekend to Detroit, then we can discuss the "grasping at straws" issue.  But for now, let sleeping dogs lie.


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