Vincent Jackson, Darrelle Revis: Why They Shouldn't Be Allowed To Play In 2010

Troy BallardCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

SAN DIEGO - JANUARY 17:  Wide receiver Vincent Jackson #83 of the San Diego Chargers runs with the ball after a catch against the New York Jets during  AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Qualcomm Stadium on January 17, 2010 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)
Robert Laberge/Getty Images

So can we call Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis the biggest troublemakers in the NFL?

These two players during this off-season were aiming at the same goal, contract extensions worth big money. They are actually willing to give up playing time, to see how much money they could squeeze out of their teams. To miss playing the sport that they live for, and love. All for a huge amount of money? This is wrong on so many levels especially on the part of the teams for allowing them to get away with, what is best described as- Robbery.

Revis has finally settled down with the Jets, to a four year $46 Million dollar contract. Just think of the amount of money that Revis is now being awarded for doing the following: 

1. Refusing to play until given more money

2. Threatening to leave the Jet's and find more money elsewhere

3. Playing off the fact that the Jet's need him to win

This is just so wrong. I love Revis, I think that he is one of, if not the best cornerback in the entire NFL. But with these antics that he put the Jets through, I honestly think they should bench the guy. Now, most if not all reading this, disagree. You’re probably saying right now, 'Why would they bench the best corner in the entire NFL?'  


They bench Revis to teach him a lesson. 

The fact that Vincent Jackson is doing the same thing, makes me sick to my stomach. Jackson is not in a position in which he should be demanding the amount of money he is. Then after the Chargers refused to give him the money he wanted, he demanded a trade. I am not trying to say that Jackson is a bad receiver, but he is not worth what he is asking for. To pour even more fuel on the fire, he is unhappy with the fact that he is going to miss at least four games this year, six if he stays with the Chargers. Come on Vincent. You obviously know the rules. You did not just walk into this holdout without any idea of the implications of your actions.

These two players, are in best terms, out of control.

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you saw your brother or sister throw a temper tantrum in the grocery store because mom wouldn't buy them that candy bar? Then after about five minutes of continuous screaming your mom finally caved, and just bought the candy bar to shut them up?

This is exactly what is happening in the NFL right now. Just replace the mom with (NFL Team), and then replace the brother or sister with (Out Of Control Player). Guess what you do the next time mom won't buy you that candy bar? You start to cry. 


This could turn into a common problem for NFL teams, and soon it will spread to all high profile players, who want monster contracts. Over time those contracts will just begin to get shorter and higher priced. This could be a perfect reason to lead into that NFL lockout that every fan, including myself, is begging doesn't happen.


Not only are Jackson and Revis paving the way for more players to follow in their footsteps, but the franchises of the NFL are allowing it to happen. This is the real crime in the entire ordeal. I am all for players having certain privileges in the NFL, but the team itself should hold the power. Not the players and their agents.  Once the franchises of the NFL lose their power, who knows what we could be looking at for years to come.


So I am going to propose something bold- Revis and Jackson should be benched for the entire rest of the 2010 NFL season.


Obviously, this will never happen. The day Rex Ryan benches Revis, will be the day Andy Reid smiles consistently.  Jackson will be to valuable of a weapon to where ever he goes, Minnesota fans are so certain at this point, and the team will need and utilize him to his full potential.


But, either way, NFL franchises do need to secure there position as the leaders of the organization, and they can not allow for players and there agents to walk all over them. Let's just hope that the NFLPA doesn't blow this entire holdout situation with players out of proportion, and that hold turns into a lock. 


Jerry Jones, time to show em' how it's done.