'Survivor' and Jimmy Johnson Make Great Entertainment Together

Joseph BurkeyAnalyst ISeptember 16, 2010

Jimmy Johnson is now a featured tribe member on CBS's "Survivor"
Jimmy Johnson is now a featured tribe member on CBS's "Survivor"Mike Powell/Getty Images

 "Survivor" isn't every body's cup of tea, and neither is Jimmy Johnson for that matter. The reality TV game show series can be formulaic and long-in-the-tooth at times. Jimmy J's flashy image, complete with always perfect hair, can induce eye rolling as well.

Nevertheless, Jimmy's charismatic presence on the show is yet another example of the breaths of fresh air that the producers consistently seem to be able to inject just about every season.

The looks of disbelief on the faces of the men on the teams (tribes) when they see they are competing against the Head Coach of a National Championship, and two Super Bowls, are hilarious.

As the players received game instructions from host Jeff Probst, there was Coach Jimmy Johnson intently listening with the excited dropped-jaw smile of a kid at a toy store. Soon the various standard Survivor plot kinks had been straitened out, and Johnson was placed on the team (tribe) of players over 40 years-old.

Sure, the old timer struggled as one would expect a 67 year-old with a rather luxurious life to do at first. He overworked his body and got a little sick from exhaustion.

After resting and regrouping a bit, however, Jimmy was back in the game.

Jimmy soon gathered the people of his tribe (team) together for a meeting. He introduced himself to those who didn't recognize him and explained that his intention here was not to win $1,000,000, but rather he was in it for the adventure of it. Johnson also noted that, yes he is a leader by nature and trade, and his challenge to himself is to help someone else win $1,000,000.

Then he delivered to his team (tribe) a pep talk they may never forget, and they went off to compete in a challenge.

The old tribe (team) lost that challenge, and thus they would need to vote out out of their own members.

Jimmy knew, and was of the first to say, he was on the chopping block at that point. In the end, however, he convinced his team to cut whom they perceived to be their weakest link.

The show typically does a good job of concealing the final results while it airs, so it's hard to say how many episodes  Johnson will be on. After seeing him make an interview during a pre-game the other week, he did look rather slim, tan, and weathered, however. That would lead to the suspicion that he makes it rather far in the game.

Tune in to "Survivor" Wednesday nights on CBS to see how this extremely entertaining coaching saga unfolds.