Fantasy Football Week 1 Recap: Arian Foster Is Pure Domination

UW Dawgfan Huskies@1UWDawgfanCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2010

What an exciting start to the NFL season, we had upsets and blowouts, offensive explosions and defensive struggles.  That is why the NFL is so great and why we curse fantasy football so much.  The mere number of variables that change in a given NFL week is mind boggling and can drive a fantasy owner mad.  So here is how my first week went.

My Heros:

Arian Foster

Remember how I referred to him as a steal in the draft, well that turned out to be an understatement.  Foster lead the way with 231 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns all before my opponent had stared his day.  Foster looked like a strong and confident runner behind a good offensive line which is a great combination for anyone who ones him this year.

Rashard Mendenhall

It was a week where my running backs absolutely dominated although it took a little longer for Mendenhall to get started.  Mendenhall finished with 120 yards and a touchdown to win the game in overtime, not bad for a back that was supposedly going to be bottled up by a defense focused on him. 

Chad Ochocinco

Just another day in the like of a flamboyant receiver in the NFL.  Ochocinco reeled in 12 catches for 159 yards and a touchdown to put a cherry on the top of a dominant performance by my team.  Ochocinco is no doubt a staple on my team and with TO taking away his constant double teams, I look forward to many big days from this Bengal.


Honorable mentions: Matt Forte, Dexter McCluster

Not only did my starters have big days, my bench decided to get in to the act and have big days.  Forte had a giant day as a receiver with 150 yards with a touchdown.  McCluster is still finding his role in the Chief's offense but he did run a punt back for a touchdown to spark the Chiefs to victory.

My Zeros:

Matt Schaub

Arian Foster really stole the show in Houston as he took over the game and there was little need for the Texans to pass the ball.  Schaub never really got in to a groove and looked a bit off all day.  Schaub did still throw a touchdown pass to Kevin Walter, but also threw a pick and was limited to a mere 107 yards passing.

Braylon Edwards

Not that I was expecting a big day against a fierce defense in Baltimore but I was hard to predict how bad the Jets offense was going to perform.  Mark Sanchez did not even look like an average NFL quarterback and rarely looked down field, let alone deep to Edwards.  It will be interesting to see if the Jets and Sanchez improve, because if they do not rapidly improve, Edwards becomes fantasy irrelevant.

Weekend Musings:

Overall my team dominated but there are a few concerns that will have to be addressed if I want to maintain a high point output.  Even though my team beat my opponent by nearly 70 points, there are some deficiencies that I will address thought the wavier wire and trades.  Outside of Ochocinco my wide receivers did not perform well and that is a problem on weeks that my running backs are shut down.  As I detailed before, Braylon Edwards my quickly become irrelevant and he may be need to be replaced for a more productive replacement.  My other wide receiver, Pierre Garcon, was targeted quite a bit but he had a hard time holding on to the ball and did not have a red zone target.  I will be monitoring both these situations as week 2 rolls around.

Bench Analysis:

Outside of McCluster and Forte my bench had a quite day but there are a couple of developing stories. Greg Camarillo will no doubt see more time on the field due to the struggles of Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin.  Camarillo fits the profile of a favorite Farve target and I am betting on those two developing a chemistry the leads to around 70 catches this year.

Chad Henne was an early sleeper pick and he is on my bench in hopes he can put up big numbers with Brandon Marshall as his partner in crime.  He is currently holding a low position on my bench, so at this point it is a low risk roster spot and if all goes according to plan, quality trade bait later in the season.


Wavier Wire:

The waiver deadline has come and gone and I put claims on Mark Clayton and Legadu Nanee as a way to bolster my receiver corps.  I held the 3rd slot in the priority and I won my claim on Clayton which I hope pays off in the long run.  Clayton is a gamble but because the Rams will have to pass a lot, he has an accurate quarterback, and he caught 10 passes in week one, I think the gamble is worth taking.  Not to mention both Clayton and Sam Bradford have an Oklahoma connection which can only help their chemistry.

As we move in to week two I have my eye on a few intriguing players that are still on the waiver wire that could fill some definite needs on my team.  Brandon Lloyd had a big day in week one but he has never sustained any level of consistency and his quarterback is Kyle Orton.  Lloyd had fooled me before so this time I will take a wait and see approach to determine if he is worthy of a roster spot.  Kevin Walter is part of a potent offense and the spillover could be hit or miss depending on the week so at best Walter is a weekly fill in as needed.  Robert Meachem and Lance Moore are both interesting prospects but their production will sway greatly from week to week as the Saints offense flows to its flavor of the week.

And now for Week 2...