Minnesota Vikings: No Need To Panic...It's Only Week 1

Josh LavalleeContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I may have just missed the memo on this one, but since when is an entire 16-game season over after Week 1?

Everything that I have read since the Vikings Week 1 loss against the Saints on Thursday has been close to 100 percent negative.


I understand that the Vikings did not play a great game by any means, and they do need to address a few things, but at the same time, I don't see any reason why people have absolutely no optimism for the remaining 15 games of the 2010-11 season. 

The Vikings opened up the season not only on the road, a win which is not so easy to come by in the first place, but against a talented football team that also happens to be the defending Super Bowl champions.

After all the pre-game game hype, the unveiling of the championship banner, a place that is already hard to play was even more deafening, and I guarantee that no other team in Week 1 had to contend with the noise as much as the Vikings did.

A few select teams seem to be the front-runners (if you ask the experts) for who has the best chance to be in the NFC Championship game this year, and they are the Saints, Cowboys, and Packers, and very few, actually none of them seem to think the Vikings will be there.

After Week 1, I don't think that the Packers, Saints, or the Cowboys should get a free pass to the NFC Championship game like most "experts" seem to have given them.

Neither team really lived up to all the hype in my eyes. Green Bay got out of their game against the Eagles with a 27-20 win, but the Eagles looked like a completely different team with Vick at the helm in the second half and that game might have been different had he been there all game.

Dallas lost to their rivals in Washington who I have seen ranked as low as 24th in power rankings, by a score of 13-7, albeit if not for a last second penalty that cost Dallas the win.

Not that the power rankings mean anything at all, but it is an interesting thing to take into account.

If we humor ourselves a little and go by the Week 1 rankings at ESPN.com, the Vikings (5) lose to the Saints (2) by five points people count them out, but when Green Bay (3) (favored by most to win the Super Bowl) wins by seven against the Eagles (15) and Dallas (4) lose to the Redskins (17), they don't seem to have the same fate in most experts eyes, and it looks like they have just as many problems to address.

One of the most potent offenses in the league, who averaged 403.8 YPG, and Drew Brees throwing for 4,388 yards, could only muster 14 points against the Vikings and their patchwork secondary.

Once Cook and Griffin are back, the secondary will be much better than it was Thursday.

The Vikings are working out wide receivers this week, however I don't see anything coming of that until after a Vincent Jackson decision is made.

And if they can pick Jackson up, the Vikings will be in great shape come Week 5 against the Jets, and even if they can't acquire a receiver of his caliber, you have to give Camarillo, Harvin and Berrian time to get in sync with Favre.

They have only had a handful of reps with him this year so far, look for the receivers to have a big impact at the Metrodome this weekend.

Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the league, I know Chris Johnson is great, but, AD will get his carries increased big time for the rest of the season!

Vikings faithful, don't get discouraged, you have a great team on the field again this year.

One loss on the road against the defending champs isn't something to be too upset about.

The receivers will get on on the same page with Favre, and Adrian will have a 1,500-plus yards this season, one of the top defenses in the league always helps, and Rice will be back before you know it!

... and maybe even Jackson! Be patient, get excited, and don't cry over spilled milk.