Donovan McNabb Must Be Thought About During Latest Eagles QB Controversy

WesAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2010

Who ya got?
Who ya got?Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

A majority of Philadelphia Eagles fans wanted to kick Donovan McNabb to the curb.

We got our wish when Andy Reid traded the former franchise quarterback to the Washington Redskins for the 37th overall pick int he 2010 draft.

I was one of those who was done with McNabb in Philadelphia. I loved watching him play and I appreciated how he made football relevant again. I even acknowledged that McNabb was a better player than Kevin Kolb when the deal went down and there was a good chance he would be better than Kolb throughout the upcoming season.

Things were not going to work out in Philadelphia with McNabb at the helm at it was time to find out what Kevin Kolb had to offer. Kolb earned the right to start and it was his turn to take over after McNabb fizzled out in the playoffs and failed to win a championship in 11 seasons.

Fast forward to Sunday's debacle of a first half in which Kolb racked up 24 yards on 5-for-10 passing and one concussion and it seemed like Kolb had little to offer.

Michael Vick stepped under center and before anyone knew it the Eagles offense was clicking.

I was in the Linc and only 15 rows off the field in the endzone where Vick sold out his body on a 31-yard run to set up the Birds first touchdown of the game.

The stadium went absolutely nuts when Vick left his feet and I could not help but to think of Randall Cunningham leaping into the endzone at the Vet against the Green Bay Packers.

As a fan I realized Vick gave our team the best chance to win this season. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought of McNabb.

How could I be willing to let McNabb leave town even though he was better than Kolb and yet not take that same thinking into consideration when talking about Vick?

Don't the fans owe it to Kolb to still find out what he has to offer? Isn't it a little quick to think he is a bust? And since I didn't think McNabb could win in this system, what makes me think Vick can?

Let's be honest for a moment and realize this team is built to win two or three years down the road. And if that's the case, Kolb is the quarterback you have to stick with even though Vick is the better player today and likely to be the better player throughout the season.

If Vick takes over for Kolb aren't the fans admitting they were dead wrong in wishing McNabb to leave town?

I know I would not change the trade that sent McNabb to one of our division rivals. I feel that way in large part because it was time to learn about Kolb. And there is no way we can make an honest assessment about Kolb until he plays an entire season in Philadelphia.

It was only a couple weeks ago when fans compared Kolb to Aaron Rodgers. Well did anyone consider the fact Rodgers took over a 13-3 Packers team that fell one Brett Favre overtime pick from being in the Super Bowl and yet Rodgers finished with a 6-10 record in his first year?

Eagles fans need to make up their mind, stop jumping back and forth, and stick with a decision for more than one half. A majority of us wanted Kolb to get a shot, so a majority of us should want him to continue as the team's quarterback.

I'm not saying Kolb is going to be the second-coming. All I'm saying is that we need to find out what we have back there. And if Kolb is a complete bust then so be it.

All I ask is that fans think about the logic used when they wished McNabb would go away and then ask if you're using the same logic when it comes to Vick. It will help you realize the answer to the latest quarterback controversy in Philadelphia.