Redskins' Offense Can't Score, But So What, A Win Over The Cowboys Is Heavenly

J Howard GiddingsContributor ISeptember 13, 2010

DeAngelo Hall Celebrates Tonight's Victory
DeAngelo Hall Celebrates Tonight's VictoryLarry French/Getty Images

I can think of all kinds of excuses for the anemic Redskins' offense.  McNabb was hurt the last three weeks of the preseason, and didn't get to work out the kinks with the starters.  The offensive line needs time to gel due to all the new faces.  The Skins forgot how to catch in the first half, and Mike Sellers forgot how to catch period.  

To say the Cowboys had enough chances to win tonight's game would be the king of understatements.  Thankfully, Marc Columbo didn't suit up.  If he had, the Cowboys probably would have won by 20.  I thought the Redskins would win 27 to 24.  My prediction simply didn't hold up.  Speaking of holding - I've never seen a lineman do it so well.  Alex Barron was simply trying to protect Romo from an assault by Orakpo.  Who can fault him for that?  :-)

And about that brain-dead play at the end of the first half.  Who can blame the 'Boys for trying?  They seemed anxious at times on both offense and defense.  It's as if they just knew they were one play away from breaking the game open.  If they had just been a little more patient at times.  If they had just held on instead of trying to score at the end of the first half.  There's that word 'hold' again.  It just keeps popping into my brain.  I can't understand why.

Anyhoo, the 'Boys out-gained the 'Skins.  The Redskins' offense had better get its act together, because the Houston Texans are coming calling next Sunday   The 2010 edition of the Texans is a very good squad indeed.  I just hope Kyle Shanahan doesn't stand on the wrong sideline before kick-off.  That does it for tonight.  Washington 13, Dallas 7.            .   .