Baltimore Ravens Roster Cuts: Veterans Who Might Not Make the Team

Paul StaggContributor IIAugust 31, 2010

Baltimore Ravens Roster Cuts: Veterans Who Might Not Make the Team

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    The Baltimore Ravens are a team with good balance of youth and experience, and they have a lot of depth.

    Here's a look at some veteran players (5 years or more) who might not make the 53 man roster

Travis Fisher

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    Fisher was signed this offseason as an insurance policy if Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb didn't recover from knee surgury.

    The 30 year old has 5 tackles in 3 preseason games, with only one pass defended. 

    Now that we know Washington is ready to be on the field against the Jets, and Webb might be, there's no need for this veteran CB when there are some better, younger players on the roster.

Ken Hamlin

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    Ken Hamlin is a former Pro Bowl Safety released by the Cowboys and signed by the Ravens this off season.

    When first announced, my thought was that not only would Hamlin make the team, but he would start in place of Ed Reed while Reed continues to recover from his hip injury, and possibly replace Reed if he ended up on IR.

    Now that we've seen how good Dawan Landry, Haruki Nakamura, and Tom Zbikowski can play, I think Hamlin is 4th on the depth chart. 

    He hasn't seen much action on the field in preseason games.

    If Ed Reed starts the year on the PUP, Hamlin has a slim chance of making the team.  If Ed Reed is ready to play week 1, Hamlin will be looking for a job.

Demetrius Williams

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    According to all reports, the competition at WR with the addition of Boldin and Stallworth to the team, as well as the good youngsters in camp, brought out the best in Demetrius Willams. 

    He's practiced well, and the coaching staff had noticed.

    But he's only caught 3 passes in the preseason, and now he's got a spraine ankle that kept him out of the game against the Giants.

    If he can't go against the Rams, I think he might not go at all.  While losing Stallworth seemed to open up a spot for Williams, with Reed and Smith also on the roster along with the two outstanding rookie TEs, Williams might not make the team.

Shayne Graham

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    After some inconsistent play with the Bengals last year, Shayne Graham was not re-signed, and the Ravens picked him up.

    It seemed at the beginning of camp he was the front runner in the competion with Billy Cundiff, but he hasn't separated himself in camp or in games.

    In fact, it seems Cundiff has the stronger leg, a benefit on kickoffs.  If the two are equals kicking field goals, the Ravens will probably go with the younger stronger kicker.

    The game against the Rams will decide this competition.

Brendon Ayanbadejo

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    The Ravens put Ayanbadejo on the reserve PUP list today.  He hasn't been able to practice due to pain in the leg he broke last year.

    So he's not going to be on the roster for at least the first 6 weeks.

    I think he'll end up on IR.  While he is an outstanding special teams player, and seemed poised to spend more time on the field at linebacker, the Ravens roster is full of outstanding young linebackers who also play special teams.

    I don't think they release one of them to make room for Ayanbadejo this year unless one of them is not performing well.

Ed Reed

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    This may be controversial, but if Ed Reed starts the year on the PUP, we might not see him at all. 

    And I think he knows it, which is why there's so much talk that he might be ready to play week 1.

    His little contract snit and his comments about not getting support from the Ravens front office probably didn't sit well with the coach.  And John Harbaugh isn't afraid to drop a popular player who has an attitude problem.

    Ed Reed is a hall of fame Safety.  But he's not the player he was 2 years ago, and may never be that player again. 

    With 4 other outstanding safeties on the team (all of whom apparently really want to play here), if Reed isn't ready to go early in the season, he may end up on IR for the year.

Young and Deep

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    The Ravens have a good problem, they are loaded with young talent.

    They will end up cutting some very good players, players that may start on other teams.

    It will be interesting to see how the 53 man roster shapes up for this season.

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