Talking Matt Harvey and Barret Louex With Jim Callis Of Baseball America

Metszilla.comCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2010

Jim Callis, Executive Editor at Baseball America, was nice enough to join for a quick Q&A.  Baseball America is the premier resource for all things 'prospect' related, so when we had some questions about a couple of the more intriguing young arms to come out of this year's draft class, we knew exactly where to go.



As John Manuel of Baseball America reported on August 17, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the commissioner's office reached an agreement whereby the #6 overall pick, Barret Loux , will become a free agent on Sept. 1st.  What are your thoughts on the former Texas A & M pitcher, considering how things have developed since he failed his physical with the D-Backs?

Jim Callis-

I applaud MLB for doing what was fair with Loux. He failed the physical, but it was a matter of concern over wear and tear and how long he might hold up, rather than an injury that would prevent him from pitching now. Though he has had shoulder and elbow issues in the past, he was healthy and had a strong spring at Texas A&M. It's certainly within the Diamondbacks' rights for them to walk away and take a compensation pick last year, but Loux was left in a tough spot. (Incidentally, the same thing happened with Yankees second-round pick Scott Bittle in 2008, without much fanfare.) I like Loux, though he was clearly overdrafted to enable the Diamondbacks to sign him to a slightly below-slot deal. We had him rated as more of a late first-rounder or an early sandwich pick. He has a quality fastball but lacks a standout second pitch, which dings his stock a little.


You recently posted a great article chronicling the 'spending vs. slots' for each mlb team's 2010 draft. The Mets, as they typically do, did not invest much into the draft. Given the low # of picks signed (9) and money spent ($3,857,700) this year, do you think they are candidates to make a run at signing Loux? How do you feel the market will develop for him in this unprecedented situation?