Kevin Kolb: When Should Philadelphia Eagles Fans Hold Him Accountable?

WesAnalyst IAugust 30, 2010

Kevin Kolb gets a pass for errant throws and bad games. At least for this year.
Kevin Kolb gets a pass for errant throws and bad games. At least for this year.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb took a ton of heat following the Philadelphia Eagles' regular season finale and opening-round playoff losses to the Dallas Cowboys.

The offensive line was brutal, but McNabb was the fall guy.

Kevin Kolb has not looked too good against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, and Kansas City Chiefs thus far in the preseason.

Similar to McNabb, the offensive line has been pathetic. But unlike McNabb, Kolb has received a free pass for his poor play.

So one has to ask a simple question: When does the fanbase hold Kolb accountable for the poor performances?

If the fans want to be consistent, Kolb should be ripped when the Eagles lose and his numbers are below average. That's what a majority of fans did when McNabb lost games as a starter. To follow logic, one should boo, heckle, and ridicule Kolb when the Eagles lose.

Well, if we were trying to pass a logic test then the above statement makes sense.

It's a good thing we can see things as having a gray area and not judging everything black and white. If we didn't, then we would boo Kolb ruthlessly throughout his first season as a full-time starter in the NFL, and that doesn't make any sense.

It's not like Kolb is inheriting the 1992 San Francisco 49ers, which is what Steve Young had going for him when he took over at the helm for his first year as a starter.

Kolb is taking over a team that won 11 games last year, which sounds great.

Too bad all 11 wins came against teams that did not make the playoffs. Four of the five losses came at the hands of playoff teams while the other loss came against the Oakland Raiders.

When the Eagles played the Cowboys in the playoffs, the defense got torched for 34 points, while backup quarterback Michael Vick threw a touchdown before McNabb finally found the end zone in scrub time.

Delusional Eagles fans may think this team is good.

In reality, the 2010 edition of the Eagles is above average at best, which is why you would be foolish to pin losses on Kolb this season.

When McNabb was bombing out in NFC Championships, he lost with the better team three times when the Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and Arizona Cardinals

When next season rolls around, it's a whole new ball game.

Until then, Eagles fans need to realize this team is far from contending for the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl.

If you think a quarterback should hit the ground running, then how do you explain Aaron Rodgers going 6-10 in 2008, which was the year after the Green Bay Packers went 13-3 and lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship?

Take this season for what it's worth and allow Kolb to gain experience and learn from playing on Sundays instead of holding clipboards.