Couch Potato Blitz: Fantasy Preseason Observations

Tony TuckerCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 03:  Greg Camarillo #83 of the Miami Dolphins tries to catch a pass over Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the New Orleans Saints at the Louisiana Superdome on September 3, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The "Couch Potato Blitz" is a weekly NFL column I write for every Saturday. When the Season starts, I will be talking about the upcoming action, pick winners, fantasy standouts, and try have some fun in the process.

As I watch the little bit of preseason action that I do, certain players continue to stand out in both a positive and negative light.

You can call it stock up/down, rising/falling, or whatever you want, but there some players I wouldn't draft if you paid me and some guys are flying their way up my draft board.

My question about the preseason remains the same, how much emphasis can you put on success and failure when the games mean so little?

The following will be what I call "Pimp Up" and "Pimp Down", with the NFL kickoff less than two weeks away, we need to know who's going step their game up.


RB CJ Spiller / Buffalo Bills

Many people were confused on draft day when the Bills selected Spiller with the ninth overall pick. People figured with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, RB was the least of their worries in the forgettable frozen tundra.

With injuries to Lynch and Jackson in the preseason, the selection of Spiller now looks like the perfect pick. On top of the unfortunate injuries suffered by the top two RBs is the fact that Spiller has looked like a top 10 fantasy RB.

Even when Lynch and Jackson return, and Spiller's carries are cut down, he still possesses a threat in the return game. This is why Spiller gets a "Pimp Up."


RB Arian Foster / Houston Texans

Last year, the Texans had a top fantasy back in Steve Slaton, but his inability to hang on to the football has pushed Foster to the No. 1 spot on depth chart.

Not only has Foster played well in the preseason, but he also plays for an offense that puts a ton of points on the board making him a "Pimp Up".


WR Greg Camarillo / Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have been depleted at WR with the injury to Sidney Rice and the undetermined status of Percy Harvin. They traded CB Benny Sapp to the Dolphins for Camarillo to give Brett Favre another target.

On the Dolphins, Camarillo wouldn't have even been a thought for anyone, but when you play with the Old Gun Slinger, it increases his chances of getting the ball and catapulting him into a "Pimp Up."

Honorable mentions for "Pimp Up" this week are: Derek Mason, Jahvid Best, & Louis Murphy.


QB Brett Favre / Minnesota Vikings

I preface the following by saying, Favre is my favorite player and I drafted him in one of my leagues already.  However, I would be foolish to think that he will duplicate what he did last season.

When I compile that with the fact that his favorite target from last season (Rice) is out with a hip injury for at least half the season and his offensive line can't seem to block a Pop Warner pass rush this makes him a "Pimp Down."


WR Miles Austin / Dallas Cowboys

Another team struggling with the pass rush is America's favorite team to hate. Tony Romo has been spending as much time on his back as an adult film star.

Austin had a breakout season last year and if he's going to duplicate those numbers again, the offense is going to have to start clicking. Also, dating Reggie Bush's leftovers makes him a "Pimp Down."


QB Matt Leinart / Arizona Cardinals

This team is going to fall like Steven Tyler off the side of a stage.  When your competition for the QB job is against Kurt Warner and you lose, okay.

When it's against Derek Anderson and you're losing, it's time to start thinking about a second career.

On talk radio in LA this week they were talking about Leinart and where he would possibly go if he wasn't the starter in Arizona.

When the only teams I could think of play in Canada, he became a "Pimp Down."


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