8 Oakland Raiders on Practice Squad: How Likely Is Each To Contribute?

Carl CockerhamSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2011

8 Oakland Raiders on Practice Squad: How Likely Is Each To Contribute?

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    I see now that all the rosters have been turned in with the practice squad players also set. That left  me to wonder how likely each one of the eight players will actually contribute to the Oakland Raiders other than in practice.

    After looking at the practice squad players and at the team, I rated their likelihood to contribute on a scale of 1-10.

    Turn the page to see how it came out.

Eddie McGee: 0

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    Who the H-E-double hockey sticks is that?

    Eddie McGee has no chance of contributing to this team in a real game because the receiving corps is deep. The Raiders are so deep at receiver that they have seven on the roster and they can all play.

    If three receivers get hurt, there are still four more out there.

    Foget abat it! (Mob style.)

Kevin Brock: 1

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    Kevin Brock has a little more of a chance than Eddie McGee to contribute so I gave him a one. The Raiders are stacked at tight end with four of them but starting tight end Boss has gotten hurt this preseason.

    However, he is expected back for the opener so that's a mighty weak one I'm giving him. Khalif Barnes has been known to play some occasional tight end himself so that weakens his chances more.

    They may not even call him up if a tight end gets injured.

Jamie Cumbie: 2

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    It doesn't look too good for Jamie Cumbie to play this year as the Raiders have four defensive tackles. John Henderson has been hurt and came back but there is a chance that he can get hurt again as he was injured at times last year.

    What hurts Cumbie's chances is the fact that the Raiders are deep at defensive end and Lamarr Houston could kick inside to tackle. I haven't exactly seen anything on Cumbie's part that screams "Get me on the field!"

    So it will take multiple injuries on the D-line for Cumbie to see game action.

Mason Brodine: 2

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    The Raiders are extremely deep at defensive end with Trevor Scott coming back well from knee surgery. If there are any injuries there, Richard Seymour could play defensive end if he has to.

    Outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley already puts his hand in the dirt on 3rd down. That makes it even less likely that the Raiders would call on Mason in the event of an injury.

    He's likely to stay practicing.

Alex Parsons: 4

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    Samson Satele has been known to miss time with injuries so Alex Parsons could be called up. But it is not likely that he plays because Stephen Wisniewski was drafted to be the team's center and he does't get hurt.

    Parsons would be next in line because Jared Veldheer is the only other Raider that can play center and he needs to stay at left tackle. That gives Parsons more of a chance than the others I mentioned but Wisniewski's durability doesn't make it too likely for him.

Jeremy Leman: 5

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    I thought Jeremy Leman had a good chance of making a contribution at middle linebacker if a linebacker gets injured. The Raiders are pretty thin at both outside and middle linebacker, as linebackers are interchangeable in the case of injuries.

    But the curveball in all this is that Ricky Brown, who has played both linebacker spots for the Raiders before, is back. He was just cut by the New England Patriots and the Raiders snatched him right up.

    So I say five for Leman. 

Manase Tonga: 6

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    Manase Tonga has a decent chance to make a contribution to the Raiders this year. Marcel Reece isn't that likely to get hurt but if he does, Tonga is the next man up as a pure fullback.

    However, the Raiders can always go to H-back or double-tight sets with all the tight ends they have. They can can also decide to simply line one of the tight ends up at fullback.

    Again, Tonga has decent chance. 

Sterling Moore: 7

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    Sterling Moore has looked like a shutdown corner this preseason.

    I wouldn't get too hyped about that though because most of the receivers he has covered aren't on an NFL team now. But I will say he's worth working with on the practice squad for this season.

    The Raiders are deeper than they've shown during the preseason with five corners and safety Michael Huff able to play the position. Chimdi Chekwa was hurt for a lot of the preseason but has looked good since coming back.

    Joe Porter looks to have come alive, breaking up passes and we await the progress of Demarcus Van Dyke. Stanford Routt and Chris Johnson were both statistically top-five corners last year.

    Johnson has been injured but he's expected to play opening night.

    Should something go wrong at some point with Johnson's injury, Moore will probably get the call to go up. But that doesn't mean he will play because the Raiders are trying to make progress with Van Dyke and Chekwa.

    The fact the Porter made the team tells me they like him too.

    But Moore has looked really good so I can't count him out.

    Therefore, I'm giving him a seven.