Oakland Raiders Can Bring This Thing Home

Carl CockerhamSenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2011

Oakland Raiders Can Bring This Thing Home

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    The Oakland Raiders are now up 21-3 at halftime so there isn't much different that they need to do. They've dominated the line of scrimmage as I have predicted so they can really do what ever they want.

    "Bully" mode is in full effect!

    Turn the page to see what the Raiders need to do to bring it on home.

Mix in a Little More Zone

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    I almost hate to say this but the Raiders should mix a little more zone in. Buffalo is throwing short, crossing routes to avoid the Raiders' pass rush.

    Buffalo's receivers aren't very big so the Raiders should zone it and punish the Bills' receivers after the catch. With the margin the Raiders have, it will be harder for the Bills to come back with nickels and dimes.

Feed McFadden

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    Star running back Darren McFadden already has 50 yards in the first half so the Raiders should keep feeding him. Not only is it effective but it will make the clock tick, making the game go by faster.

    If McFadden gets at least another 50 yards, the Raiders will win.

Schilens and Moore

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    I want Moore!

    Denarius Moore.

    He and Chaz Schilens need to have the rock thrown at them more in the second half. The Raiders need to run it but shouldn't get too conservative as they will see eight in the box.

    Jason Campbell should look the the two when that happens.


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    The Raiders are in control here!

    Barring something crazy, they'll come home 2-0.

    If they do what I just suggested, they will bring it home.