My Turn? 5 Reasons Why Kevin Kolb Will Be The Next Great Philly QB

Kevin Sanchez@LakerDodger24Contributor IIAugust 24, 2010

My Turn? 5 Reasons Why Kevin Kolb Will Be The Next Great Philly QB

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    With Donovan McNabb out of Philadelphia after 10 stellar seasons with the team, it's time for Kevin Kolb to take the reigns of the team.

    Kolb's chance come after backing up McNabb for three seasons, as he has had time to get to learn the system, and figure out life in the NFL.

    With the negatives already covered, it's time to find out the positives of the future of Philadelphia.

5) Pocket Passer

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    Kevin Kolb has a few intangibles that Donovan McNabb never had.

    One of those is that he is a true pocket passer, something that, while he may have tried, McNabb never quite was.

    Kolb knows when to release the ball, and he has excellent awareness in the pocket. This helps limit sacks, and increase completions. He certainly has shown that he has the patience to stay in the pocket when necessary. 

    While Kolb is an excellent pocket passer, and he has great awareness in the pocket, it makes it all the more surprising that he's actually a good...

4) Scrambler

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    Kolb has been an excellent scrambler since his college days, and so far, it has shown.

    Knowing when to stay and when to get out of the pocket are important traits for a starting quarterback. He has the awareness in the pocket to know this.

    His speed may not be that of Michael Vick, or even Donovan McNabb, but he certainly can run.

    With so many question marks at the offensive line position, it's good to see that the kid can scramble—be it just to extend a play or to actually gain yardage for a first down.

    Timing is important, and he seems to have that timing down. Scrambling for that first certainly can pump somebody up, which will give him...

3) High Confidence

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    Kevin Kolb has looked very poised on the field during his outings.

    He has that swagger that it takes to lead a team, and having the team behind you certainly will get his confidence levels up. Not that he needs it no;, this kid looks very confident out there.

    While being confident can be a bad thing—like not being able to see that he shouldn't have forced that throw—it certainly has it's upside.

    He knows that no matter what he does, the team is behind him. This will allow him to play much more loosely, and to go out there and have fun.

    Kolb just looks like he has "it." Definitely good to see that he isn't nervous—at least he's not showing it.

2) Arm Accuracy

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    Kevin Kolb has a decent arm. But more important than great arm strength is his ability to put the ball in between the numbers.

    His accuracy has been good in his showings so far, especially from short to mid range throws.

    He has displayed patience when finding his receiver, and has been frequently able to hit him in stride. This definitely helps him out, since hitting guys like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in stride will bring so many more yards and touchdowns than if he throws it a little behind them, or a little big high.

    Kolb certainly has the potential to be one of the most accurate passers this side of Peyton Manning, not to mention that he can flat out sling the ball in there from short to mid range while still being accurate.

    He certainly has a bright future, especially considering that he...

1) He Knows The System

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    Kevin Kolb has had three years to sit on the bench and learn the West Coast Offense that Andy Reid runs.

    He certainly had a good teacher in Donovan McNabb. Even if McNabb's skill set didn't perfectly fit the West Coast, he certainly helped Kolb develop in his time here.

    Kolb's skill set is perfect for Philadelphia's offense. He has great accuracy from short to mid range, he has a good arm for short and mid range passes. He can scramble and hit the open man on the run, and on top of all that, he's genuinely a smart kid.

    He just has it all for this type of offense. Considering the deep ball isn't huge in the West Coast, he doesn't need to worry about getting good accuracy for deep balls, nor does he need to worry about better arm strength, although it would be a huge plus to have those skills.

    We all know why Reid was so caught up with Kolb in 2007 during the draft, as he selected him in the second round while most had him going at around the fifth or sixth round. He has seemed at home so far with this offense, and he has the potential to succeed the greatest quarterback in Philadelphia history, Donovan McNabb.

    This kid's future is certainly bright if he can keep it on the right track.

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