Busted? Five Reasons Why Kevin Kolb Will Be a Bust

Kevin Sanchez@LakerDodger24Contributor IIAugust 22, 2010

Busted? 5 Reasons Why Kevin Kolb Will Be a Bust

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    Kevin Kolb is the current Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, and while he has, so far, looked solid in the preseason, the regular season is a whole different beast.

    Up to this point, we've only had two looks at Kolb as a starter; and he threw 4 interceptions in his limited time prior to that, as well as 4 more picks next year.

    The positive thing is that he looked poised and confident in the pocket, and has thrown 2 300 yards or more games in his first two starts, the only player in history to do so. Even so, he still makes too many mistakes at time.

    Here are the reasons why Kevin Kolb could end up being a bust.

5) Lack of Arm Strength

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    Andy Reid's offense loves the long ball, and it was very successful with former Eagles' quarterback Donovan McNabb. Kolb doesn't quite have the arm to keep that success up.

    This situation will help the safeties play closer to the line, thus being able to easily stuff the run, and it will force speed demons DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to go to underneath routes, and in the middle.

    Jackson's game isn't in the middle, this will result in it being harder for Kolb to consistently beat teams through the air, and through the ground. Not saying having arm strength or not makes or breaks a quarterback, but it would really help him if he had something close to Donovan McNabb, or Brett Favre's arm. Not being able to throw the long ball consistently will result in...

4) Chemistry Issues

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    As we know, DeSean Jackson isn't afraid to voice his opinion. If he gets upset with Kolb, he won't mind letting him know. While that may be a good thing most of the time, Kolb is basically a rookie, this will be his first season as a starter; we have no idea how he will handle Jackson or Maclin complaining to him.

    We all remember what happened to the Eagles five years ago, when there was chemistry issues between Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens; the team took a big hit, and finished well under .500.

    Chemistry is the most overlooked factor in sports; having no chemistry will be disastrous for the Eagles because it will completely stall the air game, and we know that Andy Reid will not accept that, considering most of his offense is based through the air.

    This is a direct result of not having great arm strength, forcing Jackson and Maclin to the middle, will almost certainly result in...

3) Injuries

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    Most people will say that this is, in no way, Kolb's fault, or in his control. But I beg to differ.

    Not having the skill set to perfectly compliment his receivers will result in them doing things that they aren't used to doing. For Jackson and Maclin, that will be consistently catching balls up the middle and in traffic.

    While Maclin has the body to take that kind of punishment, Jackson won't last half the season under those conditions. This would have been directly Kolb's fault, for not having the skills to compliment his teammates. Not having Jackson would be devastating for Kolb and his development because it takes away one of the consistent threats he has.

    We all know that Philly fans will be asking for his head if the Eagles get off to a slow start. This would undoubtedly give him...

2) Low Confidence Levels

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    Eagles' fans are notorious for booing and yelling when the team isn't up to par with their standards. While former quarterback Donovan McNabb handled the criticism very well, staying quiet for the most part, and letting his play do the talking, we don't know how Kevin Kolb will respond to the criticism should Philadelphia stall early.

    The criticism might lead to Kolb trying to do too much to try to please the fans, which would undoubtedly lead to bad decisions, as well as forced throws. That would most certainly derail his career, because Philadelphia fans are very impatient, they might be calling for Michael Vick to start.

    Were that to happen, Kolb's development would definitely take a hit, making that much closer to being a bust.

    This would directly result in...

1) Bad Decision Making

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    While Kolb may have a ton of potential, and he certainly is fairly accurate within his range, he still has the tendency to turn the ball over. Prior to his first two starts, he had 0 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions. After his first two starts, he still threw 4 more interceptions, but at least he countered with 4 touchdowns in his 2 starts.

    Kolb has that gunslinger mentality, much like Brett Favre, but different from Favre, is that he doesn't have great arm strength. While it might be better for his decision making to not have great arm strength, it still makes those mistakes he does throw, easier to hold onto for the defensive backs.

    Andy Reid's offense was very effective with Donovan McNabb because he managed to keep turnovers to a minimum (he had the lowest interception per pass ratio in NFL history, roughly at 44 before throwing an interception). While Kolb certainly has a high risk, high reward type of game, that can really help Philadelphia, it can also really hinder his time in Philadelphia. Only time will tell.

What do you think?

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    Kevin Kolb a bust? Future NFL great?

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    Stay tuned in the next few days, when I release 5 Reasons Why Kevin Kolb Will Be The Next Great QB. Thanks for Reading.