New York Jets: Flurry of Transactions, but Is Darrelle Revis Next?

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 16:  New York Jets Darrelle Revis poses for a portrait on March 16, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Over the weekend, rumors were abound regarding a new contract for Darrelle Revis.  It was tweeted by Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News that the Jets were close to a restructured contract for the star cornerback.

Then, it came out that Cowlishaw's account was hacked, then it wasn't hacked and at the end of the day, it was center Nick Mangold who had his contract restructured.    When the Jets were asked for clarification, there of course wasn't any clarification.  Gag order, remember?

Yes, the Jets did re-do a contract of a defensive back, but it was journeyman Drew Coleman who had his contract guaranteed.

But now on to the crux of the matter: Not many people even knew that Mangold was battling for a new contract with the Jets.  When asked about the team's new deal with Mangold, guard Brandon Moore stated, "A lot of guys  didn't even know it [the contract] was an issue," and then added, "It is a testament to how professional he is."

Is this a slight to how Darrelle Revis is handling his contract?  Probably, but it really is not how the organization feels. 

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It is easy to point the finger at Revis and blame him for holding out of training camp and seeking a new deal.  At a glance, it seems like the organization may have locked up Mangold to show Revis the "right way" to negotiate a new deal.

The truth is that Mangold took a major risk attending camp while seeking a new contract.  While it was a great show of faith on his part, the fact that a contract is now apparently done has nothing to do with Mangold's professionalism.  It had to do with the fact that he agreed to the new offer.

Though they went about it in different ways, both Revis and Mangold attempted to restructure their contracts with the Jets.  Revis has simply been harder to deal with so he is without a new contract. 

The Jets' problem is that the highest paid cornerback, the Raiders' Nnamdi Asomugha, is grossly overpaid and the Jets don't want to pay Revis based on that mistake. 

There are still reports that the Jets and Revis are closing in on a deal.  It is conceivable that the Jets and Revis are close because no one heard anything about the Mangold signing until it was near completion.

It is week three of the preseason and it is getting to the point where the Jets must seriously be thinking of life without Revis for the 2010 season.  But, the contract negotiation won't have anything to do with Revis's professionalism or lack thereof, it has to do with who will blink first in this negotiation.