Tim Tebow: What Can Fans Reasonably Expect?

Jason Clary@IamJClaryCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2010

Tim Tebow is to the Denver Broncos what Pat White was to the Miami Dolphins last year. Both picks were seemingly seen as reaches, but both of these teams love the talent that these hybrid type players bring.

What is the difference between Pat White and Tim Tebow? There isn't much of one. But what does Tebow have that Pat White and many other rookies don't have enough of? Determination.

The Tebow Effect

Simply put, Tim is a coaches dream. He is willing to work, change whatever needs to be changed, and he will work double-time doing that.

Until Tebow produces on the field, Josh McDaniel will be criticized for making this pick in the first round.

Tebow has already shown that he puts his teammates before himself, especially after his diving touchdown run in his first preseason game. Oh, and who can forget his friar haircut?

Even if Tebow doesn't make the best of quarterbacks, he doesn't lack the locker room presence that teams need in order to function as a family.


One position where the Broncos have depth is quarterback.

Tebow is competing with Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn, although the competition isn't very heated because Orton played well last year.

In all likelihood, Tebow will be the willing backup until Orton misses time. Since Tebow is seen by many as an experiment, he will need to perfect his release and drop backs before he will have any success playing quarterback.

Josh McDaniels picked the guy he wanted in Tebow, and he will do all he can to make sure that venture works, while a solid starter like Kyle Orton carries the team for the time being.

Barring injury, Tebow will be sitting for a few years, at least as starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Offensive Prowess

As the NFL seems to turn more unconventional every year, Tebow would be a great player to run the Wildcat formation.

In this Wildcat formation, the Broncos will have a dual threat with a player that can run and throw the deep ball.

Tim would also be a viable option in goal line formations, even lining up next to Orton in the shotgun or as a h-back. This would allow them to run sweep plays, with a run/pass option. A formation like that would be very hard to stop.

Even as Tebow sees more playing time, his true development will be for much more than a Wildcat quarterback.

If you would ask Tim what his goals are for his NFL career, he wouldn't hesitate to say that he wants to be the best ever. That is just who he is.

That being said, for right now, he will have more time to think about his goals than to try to go out and prove them.