NFC East Prediction: Dallas Cowboys Will Be Division Champs In 2010

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Tony Romo will lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs in 2010.
Tony Romo will lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs in 2010.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

My 2010 NFL Season Predictions continue today with the NFC East. Check out the profile if interested in seeing my predictions on the AFC West and NFC West.

The NFC East went through the biggest changes during the 2010 off season. The headliner being Donovan McNabb, who was traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Washington Redskins.

While the Giants look to rebound from a disappointing finish to 2010, the Eagles begin a new era with Kevin Kolb at the helm. Will anyone take the division title away from the defending NFC East champs, the Dallas Cowboys?

Here are my predictions:


1. Dallas Cowboys- What can I say about the Cowboys, other than they are the most talented team in the division? Though the NFC East will be a competitive one, Dallas will have a shot of making its path to the Super Bowl on home turf.

Quarterback  Tony Romo  should do well with the weapons he has around him. When Dez Bryant returns from injury, he will be a threat as the third option in the Cowboys' offense (yes, he will beat out Roy Williams on the depth chart).

Miles Austin and Jason Witten should continue to play at a top level, resulting in the Cowboys having one of the best offenses in the league.

The question will be with the defense. Cornerback Mike Jenkins seems to be the real deal, but the unit as a whole needs to step up their game if they want to be a bigger threat in the postseason.

Prediction: 11-5


2. New York Giants- The Giants look to head back to their winning ways in 2010. Signing Antrel Rolle and Keith Bulluck helps improve a defense that just fell apart last season.

The Giants' offense has potential to be a top ten unit, but plenty of questions face this team. Will Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham take the next step into becoming top-flight receivers?

I am not sold on the running game, especially in Brandon Jacobs, who is no longer the hard-nosed runner of a few years ago.

Is New York a winning club this year? Yes they are. But in a conference that is continuing to get stronger, it will be two straight seasons without entering the postseason.

Prediction: 9-7


3. Philadelphia Eagles- The era of Kevin Kolb began earlier this month in the preseason, and I like the potential of him being a top quarterback someday.

But patience needs is the key, one that won't come easy to Eagles fans in Philadelphia. Kolb is going to go through the growing pains as a starting quarterback. His offensive line is aging and couldn't make a situation any easier for Donovan McNabb.

The defense is an above average group, but I don't get the same intimidating feeling that it used to have when Jim Johnson was defensive coordinator.

The positive? They have a lot of young talent on the offensive side. I am not DeSean Jackson's biggest fan, but he is a monster threat on the deep ball.

I also believe Jeremy Maclin will blossom into an elite receiver one day, as long as he avoids the injury bug.

2010 will be a similar year for Kolb that Aaron Rodgers dealt with a few years ago, but all has worked out in the end so far.

Prediction: 7-9


4. Washington Redskins- The Redskins did make plenty of moves in the front office and on the roster this offseason, and it does improve the team.

But they don't make the cut in a tough NFC conference. I am not impressed with the offensive line of the Redskins right now.

Trent Williams will struggle in his rookie year, and who knows if Jamaal Brown returns to his Pro-Bowl form from when he was healthy in New Orleans.

I love Chris Cooley not only as a fantasy tight end, but as the best weapon in the Redskins offense. Donovan McNabb's receiving corps are worse than Philadelphia's in previous years. And most importantly, I am not sold on him being healthy all 16 games.

The defense should be top 10 again this season, but will get burnt out toward the end of the year due to the lack of offense.

Prediction: 7-9


My next predictions will be on the AFC East, so stay tuned.

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