Arizona Cardinals vs. Tennessee Titans: Monday Night Live Blog

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IAugust 24, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 14:  Quarterback Matt Leinart #7 of the Arizona Cardinals drops back to pass during preseason NFL game against the Houston Texans at the University of Phoenix Stadium on August 14, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.  The Cardinals defeated the Texans 19-16.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Hey everybody! Jack London here, Cardinals FC getting you ready for Monday Night Football. 

What makes this game so interesting is the rematch between Vince Young and Matt Leinart

Leinart would like to win this time....

Stay tuned!

11:10 PM ET: So to sum up: A very good performance tonight from the Titans. Vince Young looked phenomenal. 

As for the Cardinals, a lot of changes need to happen. Film will be watched. Whisenhunt will take care of that. 

But it's only the preseason. Thanks for following, and for all the comments. 

11:05 PM ET: A good defensive series there for the Titans. Max Hall did make a case however to make the team. 

11:00 PM ET: Let's see if the Cardinals can get one more decent drive from Hall. Hall is really making a good case tonight. His grasp of the offense is great. 

10:57 PM ET: Rusty Smith was killer in college, although no one's heard of him. He looks good tonight. 

10:47 PM ET: TOUCHDOWN. Nice throw across the field by Hall, who has made a case to make the team. 

10:45 PM ET: Stephens-Howling is looking good tonight. Max Hall has shaken off his interceptions. Hit Gant in his hands right there. 

10:40 PM ET: Splash for the Dolphins huh? Wah Wah Wah... Good pressure there by Stevie Baggs. It would be great to see him make the team.  

10:34 PM ET: Forgot about LeGarrett Blount. That dude is huge. He could eventually back up Chris Johnson. 

10:32 PM ET: By the way Kurt Warner is tweeting like crazy during this game. And he has said again he's not coming back. Bummer.

10:29 PM ET: Nice interview there with Larry. Heard he's had a great offseason. He'll get his this year. The Sports Science thing at the half was amazing by the way. 

10:26 PM ET: Finally a good run form the Cards. Stephens-Howling has some jets. Word is the Cards want to use him like Darren Sproles eventually. We'll see. 

10:23 PM ET: TOUCHDOWN. Another great run from Gado. The Titans are pouring it on now. 

Gotta feel sorry for Chris Simms. He just hasn't been able to live up to his father. But more than that a spleen injury is no laughing matter. 

10:18 PM ET: And as if the night can't get any worse, Ben graham fumbles the snap.  

On another note, It baffles me how the Cards can't run the ball tonight. Wells just got stuffed by the Titans backups. 

10:15 PM ET: Like the new MNF commercial. Phillip Rivers looks genuinely surprised that his soda overflowed...he probably talked smack to it afterward.

10:11 PM ET: 2 plays in a row...2 great plays by the Titans backups. Latrell Hawkins made Marshay Green look foolish. And Samkon Gado just took it to Matt Ware. Good playcalling by the Titans.

10:09 PM ET: I'm interested to see what Jared Cook does this year. We all know Young likes to throw to his TE's. As a fantasy footballer, I'm intrigued.

10:08 PM ET: Like the passion shown by the Cards backups. Kenny Iwebema made a tackle for loss and pumped his first, and then got a congratulatory slap from Will Davis.

10:06 PM ET: Good interview by Leinart. I agree, preseason is preseason. And the Cardinals haven't been good the last couple of preseasons, so he is right. 

Still his performances didn't inspire great confidence. I hope I'm wrong. 

10:04 PM ET: Dang. A Tough Actin' Tinactin Commercial. Boom!

10:02 PM ET: Hate to always agree with Gruden here, but the O does look out of sync. The Titans defense tonight has been awesome.

9:58 PM ET: Good to see Wells get some touches. I'm really excited to see what he does this year, and many fantasy footballers are watching this game too. I just wished he'd gotten more action earlier. 

9:55 PM ET: That time a good play call for the draw. I didn't agree with the spot call there for Wells though. 

9:41 PM ET: HALFTIME. As Suzy Kolber just said, the Cardinals have some work to do. If the starters had stayed out there, it could've been 24-0 easily.

Now, it is the preseason, and that doesn't guarantee success (ask the '08 Lions). But you still would liked to have seen something better from Matt Leinart. He seemed way to complacent. But, the Titans defensive game plan was awesome.

I'm going to take a short break. I'll be back shortly. 

9:37 PM ET: Well I was wrong on the catch. Not much the Cardinals could do now. 

9:35 PM ET: Darren Moughey appeared to make the catch there. He looks like he's on the outside in for making the team, but the Cards usually keep a guy on the practice squad, so he he may find a place somewhere...I admit I thought he was a tight end when I first saw him. 

9:31 PM ET: Did not know that Kenny Britt leads the Big East all time in receptions. The receivers for the Cardinals have looked great. The QBs have not. Nice catch by Onrea Jones there, who's trying to make the team. 

9:29 PM ET: Cardinals will get one more chance to close the half. Good defensive stand there, although a bad throw by Collins bail them out. Nice breakup a second ago though by Michael Adams. 

9:26 PM ET: The Titans continue to bring the heat. Derek Anderson, like Matt Leinart, can't handle it...

9:23 PM ET: I think Whisenhunt just wants to get into the locker room right about now. Titans fans must be thrilled so far. 

9:20 PM ET: Daryl Washington sure is making a case to see the field, if not start this year. He burst into the backfield and took down Ringer. 

9:18 PM ET: Williams is making a case for being the fourth receiver. Every ball thrown near him (key words: thrown near him), he's caught. Great defensive performance though tonight by Tennessee. 

9:16 PM ET: Speaking of Leinart, Vince Young wins the battle...again. 

9:14 PM ET: Another nice throw by Anderson. Recapping Leinart's night, he was 4/6 for 28 yards. I'm sure many Cards fans will call for his benching after another rough night. 

9:10 PM ET: I crack up every time I see Kerry Collins in a game. Another tackle by Washington. And good coverage by Marshay Green. 

9:06 PM ET: Anderson looked good until this last two throws inside the 10. Those need to be completed. And Beanie Wells makes another catch. 

9:03 PM ET: Stephen Williams continues to see his stock rise. Great throw/catch. 

On another note, I'd like to see Beanie Wells get in the game. I know Whisenhunt is high on Hightower, but Wells needs to get his shot. 

9:02 PM ET: And Derek Anderson gets the first first down for the Cardinals. Wow. 

9:00 PM ET: I think the Cards should keep Justin Miller just to return kickoffs. He's had a couple of solid returns in the preseason so far. 

8:57 PM ET: Good defensive play call by Bill Davis. Not a great drive for the defense, but it's encouraging to see the defense step up in the red zone, much like last week. Now the offense really needs to do something against a very good Titans defense tonight...

8:55 PM ET: Good job by Kerry Rhodes there. Another long drive going here for Tennessee. I'm sure Titans fans hope this is a sign of things to come, especially for Vince Young. If he plays like this during the regular season, Chris Johnson should have another excellent year. 

8:53 PM ET: Another open tight end for the Titans. Vince Young is really looking good. 

8:47 PM ET: Looks like a catch to me. As Jon Gruden noted, the Titans are throwing away from Rodgers-Cromartie. 

8:46 PM ET: As the Cardinals FC, that was a terrible call. That was pass interference on McBride. He isn't having the best night. Nate Washington is doing well...

8:44 PM ET: Lucky break there for the Titans. Vince Young sure does make everything exciting. 

8:42 PM ET: No surprise-- Chris Johnson's night is done. I'm interested to see what Ringer can do. Again, Arizona's pressure doesn't get to Young. 

8:38 PM ET: Nice special teams play by Arizona. But a terrible play on third down. Some miscommunication it appeared like between Leinart and Williams. Still great play on 2nd down by Leinart. He hung in there well. 

8:36 PM ET: The Cardinals really need a good response to that drive by Tennessee. Not sure what the O-Line is doing tonight but Hightower hasn't had much to work with them...

8:33 PM ET: TOUCHDOWN. Not a good drive for Arizona's defense there, but a very good drive for the Titans. Chris Johnson shows his athleticism on the TD run. 

8:32 PM ET: Well McBride just got burned. Not much he could do. Another good throw by Young. 

8:30 PM ET: Heck of a throw by Young. Off his back foot too. Great pressure though by the Cards, unlike last week when they were burned by Schaub. 

8:28 PM ET: Nice tackle by Rhodes. It appears that Porter is mostly blitzing. And correction Monty Beisel started. Also Trumaine McBride started ahead of Greg Toler again. Togafau with a nice tackle as well. 

8:24 PM ET: As Jon Gruden noted, the pressure is really getting to Matt Leinart. I'm not sure he's doing anything wrong though. He just needs to learn to hang on to the ball that extra second, much like Warner did. But the playcalling is still interesting. A draw play on 2nd and 15 wasn't a good call. 

8:17 PM ET: Good defensive performance so far from Arizona. Both OLB are doing well and creating havoc. Johnson hasn't been able to run wild either...

8:15 PM ET: Disappointing first drive for the Cards. Breaston has to know where the sticks are. Good news is so far we're shutting down Johnson. Nice tackle by Haggans. 

8:11 PM ET: Good job by Leinart to get rid of the ball. He got rocked from his blind side though. Interesting note: Stephen Williams gets the starting nod with Fitz and Doucet out...

8:09 PM ET: And the Titans pull out the pistol formation on third down. Heck of a tackle by Calais Campbell. Seemed like a good spot from there. Also wanted to note that Joey Porter had a tackle as well. And Poga Togafau is starting, although the starters weren't listed...

 8:05 PM ET: And here's the kickoff, and already a flag...dang. 


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