The 10 Best Wins for the Phillies this Year

JohnContributor IIIAugust 22, 2010

The 10 Best Wins for the Phillies this Year

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    We all know that the Phillies have had some great games this year.  We also know that a lot of the games were very important to the season.

      Some of the games kept them in the division race or the Wild Card race, some of the games started streaks, and some of the games were just plain good games. Here are some of the best games the Phillies played this year.

10. May 2nd: Phillies vs. Mets

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    This game was not very important to the standings, but it still made the Phillies look good.

    After being down 5-2 in the fourth inning, they scored nine runs in the fourth against one of the best pitchers in the game, Johan Santana.  This was one of the games that shows how good the Phillies are against good pitchers.

9. July 25th: Phillies vs Rockies

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    This game was a very important game to the Phillies.  This game continued their winning streak, eventually ending at eight games. 

    After a two-run home run for each team and a sacrifice for the Rockies, the Phillies were down 3-2.  After a long rain delay, they resumed the game.

    Jimmy Rollins got an RBI single, and then he scored on a wild pitch to get the go-ahead run.   Brad Lidge closed out the game and got his ninth save of the season. 

    On the same day the Braves lost and the Phillies shortened the gap in between them.

8. July 24th: Phillies vs Rockies

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    This was another game that indicated how good the Phillies are against good pitchers.

    The Phillies scored six runs against Ubaldo Jimenez, who was taken out after just 2.0 innings pitched.  They ended up winning the game 10-2

7. August 17: Phillies vs Giants

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    This game was a very important game for the Phillies.  Roy Oswalt pitched good, and they won the game 9-3.  With their win they took the lead in the Wild Card race.

6. July 22nd: Phillies at Cardinals

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    This game was a very important game to the Phillies.  Cole Hamels went eight innings, giving up just one hit and no runs.  He did not get a decision.

    The Phillies were shut out into the 11th inning, in which they scored two runs.  The game was closed out by Brad Lidge.

    This game started the Phillies eight-game winning streak.

5. May 7th: Phillies vs. Braves

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    This game was not all that important to the Phillies, but it made history, so I think it should be in here.

    Jamie Moyer pitched a complete game shutout at 47, being the oldest person to do that.  He lead the Phillies to a 7-0 win.

4. April 28th: Phillies at Giants

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    This game was one of the Phillies best comebacks.  They were down by three to the Giants in the top of the ninth inning.  With two outs, the Phillies got a walk, a single, and another walk to load the bases.  Then Jayson Werth knocked all three runs in with a double to tie the game.

    Both teams scored in the tenth inning.  The Phillies scored two runs in the eleventh and held the Giants to one, closing out a 7-6 victory.

3. May 29: Phillies at Marlins

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    This game was the well-known Roy Halladay perfect game.  It was the second in the season and the second in Phillies history.  It ended with a ground-out to Juan Castro, the backup who was playing for Jimmy Rollins.

2. July 29th: Phillies vs Reds

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    This game was one of the best games of the season for the Phillies.  After being down 7-2 in the bottom of the ninth, they had an RBI single, a three-run homer, an two run homer, and a walk-off two-run home run in the bottom of the tenth inning by Ryan Howard to win the game.

1. August 12: Phillies vs Dodgers

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    This was probably the biggest game of the season for the Phillies.

    They were down 9-2 in the eighth inning.  They scored four runs in the eighth, and came up in the ninth down 9-6.

    In the ninth inning, the Dodger brought in Jonathan Broxton.  He was a good pitcher, but had previously given up two walk-offs against the Phillies.

    After the Dodger's third baseman Casey Blake let a ball go through his legs, the Philies found themselves down by one with no outs and runners on first and second.  Then the stadium exploded in cheers when Carlos Ruiz hit a double off the wall to win the game for the Phillies.