Why The QB Situation in Denver Makes EVEN More Sense

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

10 Sep 2001:  John Elway #7 acknowledges the crowd  before the game between the Giants and the Broncos. The Broncos defeated the Giants 31-20 at Invesco Field in Denver, Colorado. DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr/ALLSPORT
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Ok this is the first game of the pre-season, but I think it is appropriate to make a first evaluation of McDaniels actions concerning the QB situation in Denver.

This article is a follow up on my previous article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/396657-why-the-qb-situation-in-denver-makes-so-much-sense

If this first game of the pre-season is a pointer to how the QB situation will develop in Denver - I think it proves why McDaniels actions makes totally sense.

  • Kyle Orton has done exactly what his was expected to - steadily building on his performance in 2009/10, proving in camp and now on the field that his is the starter. Althoug he doesn't flash the big potential, he has the tools and not least the mentality to run McDaniels complicated offense. With his low key, team first personality he personifies the team first culture McDaniels wants to install in Denver.
  • Brady Quinn proved that he is in a position where his stay in Denver is a chance to get his career back on track. He works hard in training and doesn't complain, which again fits with McDaniels culture and the mentality of Orton and Tebow. He still has three pre-season games to prove himself - but for Quinn it seems like its all about the mental aspects and confidence.
  • Tim Tebow proved why McDaniels selected him in the 1st round. He showed that his game translates to the NFL and that he can adjust to a prostyle offense. Although his throwing motion still is Tebowish I for one was impressed with his power, zip and accuracy. But what really surprised me was his pocket awareness and composure (especially when I compared it with the clips of Bradford).
Has anything changed in my view of the QB situation in Denver ? I think it has become even clearer. Kyle Orton is the starter, Tim Tebow is the future and Brady Quinn is the insurance policy.
However - I also think that we could be in for a QB tandem in Denver the next couple of years:
  • Kyle Orton has the experience and the tools to be the game managing QB of the dink and dunk Denver offense.
  • Tim Tebow will see the field when Denver needs a change of pace, when unpredictability is called for, when the big plays are needed and in the redzone.

This might just be in special packages to start with, but ideally I would love for this to become a 70% Orton 30% Tebow rotation, allowing Tebow to develop and not least rest and to be 100% for his spectacular plays.

This could also justify an Orton contract extension

I have no doubts that eventually Tebow will take over. But I think that with how Tebows plays the game he might need more rest than your regular QB - at least if you want to use his unique skills to the fullest.

I hope that Brady Quinn will gain some more confidence and live up to his potential, but in Denver he will only be a backup and if Orton is extended in 2011, Brady will be traded.

Conclusion: The QB situation in Denver STILL makes a lot of sense for McDaniels, for the QBs and for the Franchise. And maybe Denver will finally begin to look past John Elway.