Five Teams and My Bold Predictions for 2010

BenContributor IAugust 14, 2010

Five Teams and My Bold Predictions for 2010

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    It's been an interesting off season!!  I'm fired up for the season to start and in the middle of preseason week 1 it's already an exciting year.

    I think we're going to continue to have surprises this year and without statistical overload, here are the 5 teams I'll be watching and the bold predictions I'm making already!

Green Bay Packers

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    My man.  I love this dude in a non-sexual way that still finds comfort in his big strong arm.. the throwing arm that is.

    I was a big advocate of releasing Favre when they did because I knew this guy was a monster.   Despite an overwhelming 50 sacks last year, this guy became the first QB in NFL history to pass for more than 4,000 yards in his first 2 seasons as a starter.  The entire offense developed noticeably throughout the year and was obviously much better in the 2nd half of the season. 

    The O-line will be better this year, and the defense will continue to shine.  Rodgers has his best season to date and will almost definitely take his team deep into the playoffs.


    1- 3-4 defense is #1 in the NFL

    2- Rodgers has a better season than Favre (who will be back).

Minnesota Vikings

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    Old School Photo!

    Who knew Brett Favre went to the Falcons in the 2nd round way back when?  I did, now you do too.

    Brett is all over the news lately so I won't spend a lot of time on him.  All eyes are always on this guy and who can blame them?  Not just the Vikings but the NFC North and maybe the Super Bowl hinges on what this 12 yr old trapped in a 40 yr old's body will do.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE fan and this guy made my childhood a happy one but the guy needs to sh*t or get off the pot. 

    This is a powerful team no matter how you look at it.  They're dealing with some injuries early on but if you gotta have injuries and issues now's the time to get it over with (hopefully).

    Just because I believe in value for you guys, I won't waste one of my bold predictions telling you that he'll be back.. is there anyone who REALLY thinks he won't be back? Please.

    This season will be all about AP's performance and if he can hang onto the ball, if he's good so are the Vikings.


    1- AP continues to have problems hanging onto the ball and costs the Vikings early and often.

    2- Brett will miss his first start ever in a pro game due to injury.

Tennessee Titans

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    How are we not talking about these guys a little more??

    Vince Young proved himself in a big way last year.  I think Chris Johnson is without the best RB coming into the 2010 season and there's no reason he won't continue to improve.  A great draft this year will prove to yield a few play makers that put these guys over the top.

    Need I remind you last year that they started 06 and ended 8-8?  How is that not impressive?


    1- Titans are in a tough division and will be a better team than some division champs, but will fight for a wild card spot (and get it).

    2- Vince will have the most running yards on the team next to CJ.

New York Jets

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    Sanchez looked amazing last year, and now they have a running game too? Crazy.  Shonne Green and LT look like their going to really help Sanchez to achieve one of the best offenses in the league.  Sanchez is going to be king of the long ball and the Jets will get plenty of turn overs from their defense.

    As soon as they straighten things out with Revis they'll be in good shape to do even better than last year. 

    Revis:  If you're reading this (ha ha) you're worth more money, agreed.  But the contract you signed is the contract you signed and you signed the contract and you SIGNED THE CONTRACT, that's all there is.  Be a man and honor your contract, you'll get paid more next year if you man up to the deals you make!!


    1- Will win the AFC Championship

    2- LT has his best season in years.

    3- (bonus!) This is Revis' last year as a Jet, but he'll be back for the regular season this year.

San Francisco 49ers

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    First off: WTF Coffee.. Dick move man, retire after your rookie year?  Ya gonna go open a muffin shop maybe?  Try your hand in the investment markets are ya?  Way to go big guy.

    It doesn't matter though, Frank Gore will impress again this year and Anthony Dixon will get the snaps he deserves.  If they can nail down Westbrook the 9er's are a running team this year.

    Alex Smith is going to prove he's an elite as well so this offense is stacked for success.  For the most part Smith has flown under the radar but not after this year.


    1- Alex Smith = 100+ passer rating -- gets more money as a 9er next year.

    2- Arizona doesn't stand a chance - Division Champs.

Playoff Picture 2010

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    I can't resist, I gotta take a shot at it.  1 playoff game in I should be pretty accurate.. Right?




    49ers                       >Packers

                    Packers                 \

                                                     >  Packers

                    New Orleans           /

    Cowboys                   >Cowboys

                  > Cowboys




                 > Bengals

    Ravens (WC)         > Jets

                    Jets               \

                                           > Jets

                   Colts               /

    Titans (WC)        > Colts

                 > Titans


    Super Bowl Champs 2010-2011

    Green Bay Packers

    I know my predictions aren't really statistically based but IMHO that's not what the game is about anyway.

    Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!