San Francisco 49ers RB Glen Coffee Stuns Fans, Retires After One Year

Steve ButlerCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Glenn Coffee in action in 2009
Glenn Coffee in action in 2009Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Early reports this morning indicate that San Francisco 49ers RB Glen Coffee has indicated his desire to move on from football. A reason has not been given at this point.

Coffee, the 49ers third round draft choice from 2009, posted 83 carries for 226 yards, and 11 catches for 76 yards with one touchdown rushing. He also returned three kicks for 42 yards.

Coffee's departure all but assures that Anthony Dixon, the rookie sixth round draft choice from Mississippi State, will be the second string running back to Frank Gore. The loss also greatly increases Michael Robinson's chances of making the team next year pending free agent activity.

The departure from football comes as a surprise as Coffee reportedly added around 15 pounds of muscle to become more like the two other bulky power runners the team has on the roster.

One of Coffee's final moments in practice was getting pancaked by roster hopeful linebacker Mike Balogun. The coaching staff has been less than pleased with his pass blocking performance, but the same was also true of his competitor Dixon.

Coffee did suffer two knee injuries in his junior year of high school, and well after the injuries it was reported in 2008 that he had trouble bending his knees like he wanted to. Whether or not knee trouble influenced this decision is still unknown.

Coffee also is a very devout Christian who has devoted a lot of time to the cause, and some speculate that he has a higher call to do something other than football.

Aside from football, Coffee needs 6 semester hours to complete his undergraduate degree in consumer affairs. He is a freakish weightlifter. During his senior year of high school, he bench-pressed 390, power cleaned 365, and squatted 500 pounds. During his time at Alabama, he was the second strongest player on the team only to defensive tackle Josh Chapman.