OAKLAND RAIDERS: Why Colt Will Make The Team and Pina Coladas

Barnavicious XCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

As a dedicated and loyal fan of the Oakland Raiders I stuck with JaMarcus till the bitter end...well not entirely true, I dumped him for Bruce. About that time I began another campaign and for that you will all be truly grateful.

I am here now to gloat and revel in all things me, for I have forever changed the landscape of the NFL from my home computer. I have brought Colt Brennan to Oakland.

T'was ten months ago I began my campaign with an email to the Colt Brennan website, asking him to demand a trade to Oakland. I was ignored. I sent another to his agent with a simple request, get Colt to Oakland. Again ignored.

I published an article in this forum (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/293911-raider-qb-twenty-tenwaffles-and-moreinsert-clever-title), and few knew of Colt. I emailed the Raiders, nothing. Again, I tried to appeal to Al, this is Stabler meets Gannon with out the booze and bitchiness I proclaimed. Nothing.

When Rat Face got the job in DC, I emailed to inform them of Colt and his family's fondness for all things Silver and Black, genius.

August 2, 2010 Colt Brennan is released from the Washington Redskins.

August 7, 2010 Mission Accomplished.

Admittedly I write to toot my own horn...toot...and if you are not yet familiar with me you may think me an ass. Toot toot. You may think me arrogant or even ridiculous, toot. To you I say... your welcome, toot.

You say Colt will not make the team?

Well, as you watch Colt light the preseason skies a fire in Dallas I leave you to ponder.

Why keep Kyle Boller? It's pretty well decided Boller doesn't have what it takes to compete in this league. Talent yes, It no. Colt has all the same abilities with more upside. I don't want to hear about arm strength, I've seen it live and Colt has a legit and more versatile arm, using several natural motions to deliver accurate and precise throws. He's been called the next Brett Favre.

Why keep Chuck Frye? To coach Colt? Those who can't do, teach, love ya Chuck, you know where you belong. Put on the polo, pick up the clipboard. Even if Frye stays, no harm in carrying four QBs with our recent history.

Dear sweet Bruce, like any good rebound you were there for us when we were most desperate, made us feel good for a while, put a smile on our faces and for that we are grateful. I hope your passion and emotion leave a lasting impression......especially on Colt.

So remember, tomorrow when the game is over and your excitement is peaking, you can come right back here to thank me for what I have done, toot.