Top 10 Best Dressed Athletes

John MatheosContributor IIAugust 5, 2010

Top 10 Best Dressed Athletes

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    Many athletes throughout the world never have a chance to express themselves with their style of clothing they choose to wear.

    Some however do.

    Here are those who made the cut.

10. David Beckham: Soccer

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    How can a competition like this go by without having David Beckham in it. If he's not sporting a soccer kit, this celebrity athlete enjoys dressing up and prancing down the streets of London, England or Hollywood, California.

9. Kristi Yamaguchi: Figure Skating

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    Kristi Yamaguchi showed off her fabulous figure at the 2009 ESPYs. This American star has contributed her time to many charities throughout the nation.

    She's spent lots of her time assisting the American Lung Association in their search for cures. Moreover, Yamaguchi was known for her superb figure skating. She was a member of the U.S National team from 1992-2002.

8. Dwyane Wade: NBA Basketball

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    Living in Miami and being a celebrity comes with a price. If anyone knows this its Dwyane Wade. When Wade is off the basketball court he's all about the fashion.

    He wears only the designer name products that compliment his game. He was ranked as one of the best dressed celebrities in Miami .

7. Michael Jordan: NBA Basketball

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    By far one of the best dressed men in the world have to be Michael Jordan. He's rocked the cover of many magazines to say the least. Jordan has charm to compliment his clothing attire. I've heard that Jordan only wears his suits once.

6. Danica Patrick: Indy Race Car Driving

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    If Danica Patrick isn't race car driving she's sporting fashionable clothing from various designers throughout the world. This bombshell has it all. She loves speed and enjoys dressing up sexy for all the cameras that follow her.

    This 28-year-old celebrity has a huge future ahead of her. Many men will agree, regardless of not winning any race events yet, this angel is a pleasure to watch when she's in her race car attire.

5. Latasha Marzolla: Mixed Martial Arts

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    I was confused by this one too. Latasha Marzolla was known for her mixed martial arts. Really? By looking at this photo I have a hard time believing this. Anyways, this blonde bombshell has knocked out opponents with many of her secret weapons.

    She has also been apart of the Playmates in the playboy mansion.

4. Ana Ivanovic: Women's Tennis

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    Mouth dropping yes! This sexy Serbian superstar has stunned the tennis world with her skill and sexual appeal. Ana Ivanovic has a lot going for her. Besides playing tennis, she enjoys modeling and donating her time to various charities for her homeland!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo: Soccer

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is a mouth-dropping hunk. Whether he's on the field scoring goals for his country or dropping his pants to be on the front cover of magazines, this celebrity icon has a bright future ahead of him. He has been considered one of the sexiest men alive.

2. Serena Williams: Tennis

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    Serena Williams is a sexy but elegant women. She dominates the tennis courts with her superb serves and crushes men's hearts when she walks by them with her fierce body.

    Williams is probably one of the hottest athletes out there. Her style of clothing is impeccable. She can basically wear anything and make it appealing.

1. Tom Brady: NFL Football

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    Whether it's winning Super Bowls or posing for men's magazines, this hot stud has all the tools to bring success to anything he does.

    Brady has been ranked one of the hottest men in the world. He's very charming and has a photogenic face.

    When he places a suit around his athletic body he makes it look simple to look good. Brady is my winner for the best dressed athlete!