Favre's Green Bay Packers & "President's Men" Try To Put Team Together Again

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IAugust 1, 2008


                                    NOT FOR TEAMS OR THEIR PLAYERS


Washington DC    -   Aug, 1 2008

Yesterday, the Green Bay Packers welcomed Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President Bush, into their "family." Ari just happens to be running a PR company out of New York City named "Ari Fleischer's Sport's Commuciations 

It was no mistake that Fleischer was with Green Bay on their down day, but he was reported to be "only a guest speaker" and not a PR Trainer.  What a great "spin-opportunity," but where was the Packer President with his bag full of monies to pay for Ari's services rendered? 

We now know Mark Murphy flew to Favre and "tried the bribe" to make Brett retire and "own him that much more" to certain marketing demands for the next 10 years. If Favre takes that money to retire early, he will kick himself every day when he really gets old. 

No. 4 can't play for too much longer, as he considers taking himself out of the game for greed's sake over money, which he would make more of by simply fulfilling his contract.  I cannot see it happening at all. 

Don't be fooled into thinking that $25 million is a lot of money for the most popular sport of all, whose players make less than baseball players, and some hockey players too. 

Besides, it isn't like the Packers wouldn't have a position for him after he stops playing. After all, he is Brett "I Am Legend" Favre, as ESPN's two-Johns might say.

He can make money outside of football and would make more while sitting anyhow.  $13 million, multiplied by three years, equates to $39 million, and in typical style, Green Bay management offered him $20 or $25 million, probably to cut losses and save more money for itself. 

Any experienced salesman worth their own salt could tell Brett about revenues earned from marketing campaigns and the commissions that come along with them. 

Brett, ask Murphy where he got the number $20 million from, and what the company's projected net profit was as a basis for the offer. Projections do not just fly out of thin air. Footballs do though, and maybe they think Brett is too overwhelmed to do real business.

Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy (Green Bay's version of the Irish M&M Boys) ought to know what the term "indentured servitude" means as it is a shunned term by most Irish because about 1.5 million of them "sold themselves into slavery" to the wealthy during a certain famine in order to find the promised land. 

Of course, this is modern-day America. Even those who are desperate cannot sign any enslaving contracts to those more wealthy because it is illegal now, right?  Nowaday we have the American Dream and part of it is the business of football; of which Murphy and McCarthy seem all to willing to "own another who is desperate" to continue his playing and extend streaks. 

It is all very ironic, considering their own cultural history that they've seemingly turned away from and masked the reality of what is happening.  Do the Irish M&M Boys think that they will not benefit from Favre's continued legacy? Or could it be something else motivating their back alley-type dealings and continuous lying to Pack Fans?   

In order to play football professionally, one has to practice his whole life, but when good enough they can get offered money in Green Bay not to practice and get paid not to play too, but that doesn't smell fishy at all, to some on ESPN.

On July 31, the Green Bay management said that they "did not have practice today," but claimed in the same report that it wasn't a coordinated effort and had, "Nothing to do with Brett Favre and whether or not he would not show up at camp on Thursday. It was a scheduled day off." 

Was Ted Thompson lying to the fans, to football, to the league, to history, and to the Hall of Fame for his own benefit?  He is lying to Brett, who he says "is a part of their family and always will be."  Lying and trust are not issues in any family that I know of, but they are issues when running most every business though.

Goodell must have known what they had in store because the reinstatement papers were filed Tuesday, he stalled it that afternoon and said he wouldn't act on them Wednesday either.  

So Thursday's news breaks about the bribe and now Favre wouldn't be eligible to practice until Friday afternoon at 4 PM. What a great gig, and a well-timed play Goodell and Thompson have going on against Favre.

WHY in the world would Brett Favre cause any pressure to a team who is positive about their decision over quarterbacks; and are committed and moving on anyhow?

The fact they have offered Favre money not to play, have told him not to show and have said that they would neither trade him nor release him, tells everybody that they are confident in Favre.

Does Green Bay's management actually expect the public to buy that they have moved on as they scramble more frantically than a QB out of the pocket in dark alleys for moves and media approval, especially given the recent spin doctor's presence in all this?

What, Ari just happened to be in town and wanted to stop in to say "hello team" and "good luck?" 

Favre is obviously a major concern, so do not be surprise when Favre is wearing gold and green as a starter again.

The proof is having a PR-Pro, guest-speaking politician, who is from New York City and an expert at the spin-game just casually dropping in a state half a country away.

The same guy who sold the War is now selling the Packers' attempt to rid the league of a legend.  Again, if it were no big deal, then Fleischer would not be there, so it is a big deal only because the fans would hand the Irish M&M Boys their asses for sitting the better QB while they watch their team lose. 

Where is the commitment? Where is the confidence?  Guaranteed: it is in Mississippi and the double-talking jivers want to get their spin into the media as fans who pay the tab have no more patience. Who breaks first?  The fans, the owners, or Favre? 

Green Bay is not sure Thompson didn't ruin their chances at returning No. 4 to the line-up which betters their chances at winning this year, regardless of their poor, sleepy heads over Favre trying to retire every year.

Let's all see the results of Mr. Fleischer’s' work tomorrow and what the team's new motto becomes. Right now, some Packers want Favre back and some are "the company's yes-men." We all know about "spin", and as some say, the spin stops here.  How does management think that this all started?

Green Bay said that they were "moving on" and were "committed to Rodgers being their future," but they have not committed to him in writing by extending his contract.

     If the Packers were moving on, then why haven’t they just moved on yet? 

If Favre wanted to retire, then why did he ask the collectors not to place the word "retired" in association with his name?

Ted Thompson said, "Let Brett file his reinstatement letter and then we will add him to our active roster." He fulfilled what was requested of him by Thompson, filing for reinstatement, and now needs to be added, as promised, to their active roster, but instead of being honest with "part of the family", they tried to "grease" Favre.

Goodell said that he was "not going to take any action on Tuesday over the request." Instead, he wanted to allow for the owners, whom he represents, to better their own chances of doing what’s best for their business while his lack of action since Tuesday lessens Favre's chances for a triumphant return to Lambeau Field, to HIS team. 

Gene Upshaw is nowhere in sight during all these negotiations between the league, a team, and its player. Goodell was elected by the owners to represent their league and thus, by default, be their mouthpiece. Apparently, Green Bay now needs a bigger one, though.

Then Green Bay falsely reported, according to Favre, that he had "made calls from a team-issued cell phone." How would they know that information?

It's illegal for the government to break the invasion of personal privacy law (FISA), much less a private business. Apparently they do not have, nor recognize, the Privacy Act of 1971 in Wisconsin.

Proving that he is already losing the PR battle, Favre denied any tampering charges along with all calls made from a team cell phone. His God-given talent alone is what allows Favre to have the upper hand in all this, not his PR guy.

He should have never allowed his PR man to respond to this smoke-screening attempt of asinine allegations in the first place.  Thompson is just hoping that Goodell will bite on the accusation and take the public's eye off the ball!

On July 30, echoing management's words, coach Mike McCarthy said to ESPN, "Er, uh, um, we've committed to Aaron Rodgers being our starter and are moving on (they have yet to extend his contract) and uh, er, you can never say never though."

I am not picking on McCarthy, he just is in the middle of the perfect-storm, but those are not the words of one who is committed.

ESPN went on to say "The team is unified under Rodgers," but today, Donald Driver said, "I understand that Favre has filed reinstatement paperwork so just like anybody else who wants to play, we should welcome him back.  He is a Legend, and the best Green Bay has ever had, and maybe the NFL."

Mr. Driver offered his statement after having talked to Brett just last weekend, something others in the spotlight have said they have not done at all.


Hmmm—er, um, uh, wow. Does it really sound like anyone is unified or committed to any one, set plan?

Sometimes people have an annoying quality about them—called a brain—and aren't so easily programmed. They always seem to observe and think things on their own. Drat, right Ted?

This all has turned into one massive PR parade, starring Green Bay, not Favre. It really does rival the media blitz surrounding Roger Clemens, and it too is being lost by the player, which does not exactly equate to what is true.

PR battles do no one any good, other than those employed to work them, like those on ESPN who continuously opine on how Brett should just retire. They know that Ari Fleischer is a PR pro. He was just on television mere weeks ago, giving his expert PR opinion about Clemens, whom ESPN and most media pundits dig at every chance they get.

Maybe ESPN just wants Favre to retire so that they can hire him, like they have so many other former pros. But fans think that Favre is too busy adding to his records while he still can, and there is plenty of time for other work in the future, while only a limited amount of time for his body to keep playing.

Amazingly, Skip Bayless is in Favre’s corner, along with this writer, but the rest of his cohorts are like sharks feeding in bloody water.

Brett Favre should now take his own career into his own hands—actions speak louder than words. He should show up at camp on Friday, and let them deal with their own mess. At this point they have dug their own hole and have repeatedly lied about it, too.

Green Bay has to either break the consecutive-game record while sitting the franchise face and legend, let him tryout and win the job back, or trade Favre. Which do you think they will do? 

Here is a link for fans to sign a Petition and show their support for Brett to be allowed to play.  If interested, hit the link and just sign the registrar.

It is all about the fans after all, which makes the business so rewarding.  It is about the masses and THEIR money, and obviously marketing to them, which now Green Bay is trying to do by making Favre a salesman. 

He is not a salesman, he is a Hall of Fame quarterback who "owns" records, though fans might be assured that as an All-Star athlete, he can make a pitch as well thus motivating the fans and making more money for the team's ownership.

Will Green Bay better their rival Bears' chances at a Super Bowl ring? Will they better the Vikings' chances? They are lying about trading Favre within the division, and The Legend will either play outside the division or in Green Bay.

I think it is the latter, but the Packers did just bring in PR-Pro Fleischer too and probably did so to prepare for the perfect storm. 

              Try this on for size Green Bay management, BE HONEST and say...

"We want to apologize to the fans of football for all of the off-season commotion and thank you for your patience. Green Bay hopes to have Brett Favre stay and play as a Packer to help us make the playoffs this year. We also want Brett to help the team pave the way and secure its future under Aaron Rodgers too, but not until it is apparent that Brett can no longer play.  He is a Legend and we owe him a debt of gratitude.

We have committed to Aaron and offered him an extended incentive-based contract that will benefit his play, because we have faith that he is good enough to win too. Earmarks are set to reward his play regardless of the number of snaps he might take and we await his commitment to our franchise as we have committed to him.  We look forward to Aaron remaining a Packer after this year's contract is up.  He could become a free agent, but we have faith that he means what he says and that he wants to be Green and Gold. 

The time for Brett to step down will never be an easy time for us, but will become clearer in the future. Nature will take its course and Brett himself will know when that happens, as will all of our fans who have been very supportive of us in this turbulent time. After last year's stellar performance, what is clear is that Brett is still able to win. We trust Brett to be honest with us about when he doesn't feel well enough, because we really are a family and he is a legend of the game and a hero to us all."

Just try it, because honesty is a good thing, and Green Bay could have the best of both worlds. Why in the world is it so much an issue to have too much talent?  Start Favre and let Aaron step up and take No. 4's job away from him.

If management has faith in Aaron, then they will let him try. The 49ers gave the ball to Steve Young when Joe Montana was injured and Young ended up winning the MVP that year and secured the future of the franchise.

"Any PR is not good PR" for teams or for players. Controversy increases circulation, while it costs the ones reported-on their jobs if it is a negative reflection, like the PR that surrounded Michael Vick or Adam (Pacman?) Jones.

So suit 'em up and play some football already. No more stories, no more controversy, no more lies, and no more "business" in the media to help yourselves. 

Football fans, whose massive wallet pays your owners and thus the players, are not interested in soap operas or gossip columns—they're interested in stats and records though, because that is something more concrete in which a fan can count on and trust.

After all, numbers do not lie, but people do and all should take that into consideration. A fan's trust and resulting loyalty should never be forsaken either, whether by team or by player.

Now, hug it out already and let's play some football. I don't know about you, but I'm psyched.


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