Darrelle Revis Holds Out From Training Camp: Pay the Man

Zach BergerCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2010

Thank. God. Darrelle Revis made the right decision yesterday. He chose to play hard ball, so let the games begin. Instead of showing up for the mandatory start of training camp, Revis was a no-show on Day 1. And so the holdout has officially begun.  There was plenty of speculation that he would do this. And then there was a lot of doubt because of the $20 million that just went from guaranteed to non-guaranteed salary when he played hookie from practice.

Well, the suspense is over. But the fun has just begun. First to comment on Revis' holdout: Neil Schwartz. The super-agent said that the star cornerback's actions speak louder than his words. Revis tried to talk his way into a new deal. He tried to paint the picture that the Jets are the "bad guy" in the situation by reneging on a supposed promise they made. In case you haven't heard, Revis claims that Mike Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson agreed that he should be the highest paid player at his position.

And just in case you're really  out of the loop...they would have to pay him around $16 million a season to top Nnamdi Asomugha's contract in Oakland. Revis has said that he would happily take a contract worth one more dollar than Asomugha's. Unfortunately, up to this point, he hasn't been offered that. In the days leading up the official commencement of the holdout on Sunday, the Jets made Revis two offers on Friday. 

According to Mike Tannenbaum, these "substantial" offers were comprised of one short term fix that would get Revis a lot of money now (but most likely was shorter than he was looking for) and one long term deal that would make him "a Jet for life". Though there is no information available regarding dollar amounts on these offers, it is assumed that the long term contract was either less than Asomugha per year or had little to no guaranteed money. When asked about the two offers, Neil Schwartz said that the holdout should answer all of those questions. And believe me...it did. 

So as we finish up Day 3 of the holdout, there are plenty of looming questions regarding Revis' contract situation. Will he get paid? If so, how soon? Why are the Jets playing games when their shot at the Super Bowl heavily lies in the hands of Revis? Why is Woody Johnson continuing to trust Mike Tannenbaum's negotiation skills when the negotiations have led to a holdout? When will someone say "enough is enough" and pay the man already!?!?!?!?

As you can tell...I am extremely frustrated with the management. Woody Johnson stated yesterday that if Mike Tannebaum brought him a contract and said that he thinks it is both fair for the Jets and Revis, he will sign it right then and there and pay his prized possession. Obviously Tannenbaum hasn't been able to accomplish that in the last few months. 

So it seems as though Woody finally recognized that he needs to step in and handle the issue. He said that if Revis wants to meet with him, he will travel to wherever Revis is to try and solve the problem. Maybe he realized that MT isn't ready for his first "big time negotiation". Maybe he realized that the guy actually signing Revis' next paycheck is the guy that Revis needs to talk to. I don't care. All that matters is that someone needs to step up and tackle this issue right at the center. Woody Johnson seems to be the man for the job.

My prediction: Revis has signed a contract with the money he deserves (more than Asomugha by August 17th). Reality Check: Revis will sign a contract at some time during the preseason, most likely after the 3rd or 4th (and final) game. To be honest with you, as long as he is on the field for the first snap of the Monday Night Football opener against the Ravens, I couldn't care less when he signed his contract. Obviously I'd prefer to have him for training camp, but that isn't a realistic goal for me to set for the contract negotiations. 

All I know is, Gang Green better stop jerking around with their franchise player. Revis is the kind of guy who changes games. He is the kind of player that can instantaneously turn a losing effort into a miracle victory in just a matter of seconds. One interception returned for a touchdown off of a legend like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Brett Favre. A one-handed diving pick that sits on the highlight reels for the rest of the season. The rest of the year. The rest of the decade. A career-defining moment that forever engraves a player in NFL lore. An All-Pro cornerback that has the potential to go down in the record books if he wants to. 

So, come on...PAY THE MAN!