Tim Tebow and the Conspiracy Behind the 29 First-Round Picks Not Signed

Omar BrownCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2017

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Making my rounds across this leagues message boards while listening to fans takes regarding the signing situation the league has found itself in with the first round picks, I noticed there is a school of thought swimming around.

There is a notion out there claiming that there is a conspiracy among owners to send a message to the players union by the squeeze on the money being allotted to the first round picks.

Don’t you just love a grand conspiracy theory? Did we really land on the moon? Who Shot JFK? How about the crop circles and Aliens? Now your talking.

What has partly fueled this conspiracy theory is the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players union and owners coming to an end this season. 

Many people have cited the uncertainty with the future of the collective bargaining agreement, as being the primary a factor acting as a road block in the negotiations.

A new agreement for how the billions of dollars making up the ingredients of the NFLs' monetary pie will be divided between the owners and players, is not even close to being on anyone’s radar.

Who has signed?

Only three players so far from the 2010 NFL draft first-round picks have signed their contracts.

The 24th selection Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys was the first to sign, there is a school of thought swimming around that he got jipped out of millions.

Why this could be the reason he is so disgruntled about having to fulfill his initiation role on the team. Could Bryant be thinking his contract was initiation enough?

Is it no wonder Tim Tebows agent wants more for Tebow who was selected immediately following Bryant with the 25th selection of the draft. Fact remains the quarterback always gets paid a premium over every other position.

New England Patriots signed No. 27 pick Devin McCourty on Wednesday morning.

Oakland Raiders signed the eighth overall pick Rolando McClain to a contract late Wednesday night. McClain was the third the highest overall first round pick to sign.

Rookies are scheduled to appear in training camp early,  this is intended to spur rookies into signing and being in Training Camp on time when it actually starts.

Tebow Staying close Broncos' facility

NFL.com reports Tebow is staying near the Broncos' facility, and is ready to take part in the team's first rookie training camp practice today if a deal can be reached.

Even though the rookies are supposed to show up early, Tim Tebow won't be considered a holdout unless he remains unsigned when the full squad reports for practice Sunday.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Tebow, such as CBS Sports.com Reporting: "Tim Tebow A Steal."

This just makes the agent and the teams job that much harder to determine the monetary value of one of the most enigmatic players to ever emerge from the college ranks.

This hype has magnified the limelight shining on the Denver Broncos franchise.

Broncos Corporate Communication VP Jim Saccomano joined 'Elephants In The Room,' a local radio broadcast in Denver yesterday to discuss the phenoms impact on the community.

Saccomano mentioned how the team threw a luncheon for 70 members of the media whom where present in Denver for the anticipation of Tebow signing.

Tebow Signing has become an event unto itself. 

Saccomano compared the sensation of this event at Mile High to when John Elway was drafted and the first Super Bowl the Denver Broncos ever won.

I can't help but believe that one of the reasons Tebow's contract could be stalled, is the same reason teams absorb as much time as possible of what is allotted to them in the prime time NFL drafts, when it is their turn to pick. It is priceless advertising for the franchise.

This event is clearly a PR guys dream come true. Now wouldn't the last thing you would want to do if you’re a PR guy is sign Tim Tebow prematurely at this point? I think not...

Why the buzz of this cocktail is just starting to be felt, and from the looks of it, the entire nation has a shot glass in their hands to get a dose of Tim Tebow, while toasting to the Denver Broncos for their remarkable Rookie.

According to a poll conducted by Encino (Calif.) E-Poll Market Research,' Tebow is ranked the third most influential athlete in the nation.

We are talking about a player who is arguably the best to ever play the football at the collegiate level.

Who was it that said "Its the economy stupid." 

The way I see it, there are a lot of reasons why 29 first round picks have not been selected yet, and the No.1 reason being money, last I checked the economic condition of the world is not looking good at all.

Packers have about $1.2 million of rookie cap space to sign Bulaga.

The Rams are optimistic they’ll sign Sam Bradford soon.  Coach Steve Spagnuolo said talks are proceeding with The No. 1 overall pick, and he was hopeful a deal would be reached soon.

"Soon" is the mantra coming from every franchise who has yet to sign there first round selection.

I think we have more than enough conspiracy theories floating around out there, and with the recession impacting one and all, I think it is safe to say that we can put this conspiracy theory to bed.

What we got here is a failure to communicate the desperate situation each party brings to the negotiating table.

Most people who make 30-50K a year can have a hard time relating to this; but who knows maybe that's why we make what we make rather than being millionaires.

Everyone is doing their utmost to keep from getting ripped off in this high stakes game;  be it the gamble the franchise makes in a first round selection, to the agents seeing to it that their player gets his fair share of that sweet Dreamy American Pie. MMM MMM MMM


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