Is Brett Favre Overrated?

Darshan GopiContributor IJuly 24, 2010

Is Brett Favre overrated?

He is accomplished, and there is no doubt about that. He has had only one losing season his entire 18 season career. He holds the record for most yards, touchdown passes, attempts, completions, and interceptions.

He is a three-time MVP. The only person with more MVPs is Peyton Manning, and he has four.

The guy once stiff armed and scrambled away from a defender to throw a game winning touchdown pass underhanded. This was a week after he broke his foot.

Brett Favre threw two interceptions to knock the Packers out of the playoffs in 2002. The following year, he lost to the Eagles in overtime by throwing an interception as his first pass.

The following year, he threw four interceptions to knock the Packers out of the Wild Card round.

In 2005, he threw 29 interceptions in the regular season so that he wouldn’t have to throw any during the playoffs.

Two seasons later, he broke all the records. He broke every single passing record there is. He also threw an interception during overtime of the NFC championship game, so he wouldn’t have to play in the Super Bowl.

This year he threw an interception during the final minutes of the NFC championship game for seemingly the same reason.

If Tom Brady ever threw an interception to lose a playoff game, everyone in Foxboro would boo him. Bill Belichick would throw his clipboard so hard it would cut off some one’s head.

If Tom Brady ever did that more than once, the Patriots would release him immediately. So why does Brett Favre get a hall pass?

Brett Favre’s “greatness” lies in his persona. Favre has built up an image of being a good ol’ country boy.

He is the Peter Pan who will never grow old. He supposedly doesn’t play for records or wins but solely for the love of the game.

Brett Favre fans do not just love Brett Favre the player but also Brett Favre the person.

The guy who slaps his teammates on the butt. The guy who runs around the field jumping for joy after every touchdown pass from his first to his 500th. The guy who played a perfect game the day after his father passed away.

The guy who has had over a dozen concussions throughout his career, yet he has never missed a game.

Fans often remark that Brett is one of them. He doesn't live in a Beverly Hills mansion. He doesn't have a supermodel wife. He lives on a farm in a small town in Mississippi. He has been with the same woman for 20 years!

When Favre makes a mistake, he tells the media he messed up. He is human, and he shares his humanity with the world.

He shares his frustration after a loss. He shares his sadness after losing his father. He shared his shortcomings, when he admitted to a Vicodin addiction.

He doesn't wear suits to press conferences. He wears a t-shirt and a baseball hat.

He also shares his fear. He shares his fear of what will happen once he gives up what he has done his entire life.

Since the age of five, Brett Favre has known nothing but football, and he is not in a hurry to give it up. 

The media's adoration of Brett Favre has only helped to strengthen his persona. This is because Favre has managed to do something that few in the public eye have ever accomplished. He has befriended the media.

Literally, he is friends with several sportscasters and analysts. He has had John Madden and Peter King over to his home on many occasions.

Adam Schefter, Steve Mariucci, Deion Sanders, and Chris Berman all have a friendship with Favre. They praise him because they like him for the person he is.

This is what I believe makes Brett Favre the legend that he is. This is what differentiates him from Brady, Marino, and Montana.

It was the same for Joe Namath who threw more interceptions than touchdown passes over the course of his career.

I’m not saying that Brett Favre is a modern-day Joe Namath. That certainly is not the case. He has a record nine seasons of 30 or more touchdown passes. He has more 4 touchdown games than anyone who has ever played. He has more 3 touchdown touchdown games than anyone who has ever played. He has more 2 touchdown games than anyone who has ever played. He also has more 1 touchdown games than anyone that has ever played. He has one of the strongest arms ever. He is probably the best athlete to play the position (Tim Tebow might change that). 

So is Brett Favre the baddest Favre in all of Favreville? Can he shoot laser beams from his eyes? Is he the greatest of all time? Is he all that John Madden and Chris Berman say he is? 

I'm pretty sure that the answer to the first two questions is yes. The rest, I'll let you decide for yourselves.