Washington Redskins: Five Questions Before Training Camp

Adam HankinsCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 6:  Devin Thomas #11 of the Washington Redskins makes a fingertip catch for a touchdown in the first half against the New Orleans Saints at FedExField on December 6, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Saints defeated the Redskins in overtime 33-30. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

Training camp is just around the corner, and the Washington Redskins are ready to launch full force into a new era. While the offseason has provided a great deal of answers, there are still some questions remaining in the preseason. Here are five of those questions that should be answered before the regular season begins.


How will the loss of Mike Williams affect the offensive line?

Losing Mike Williams for the year wasn't a huge loss for the offensive line. Wait a minute…Mike Williams wasn't a huge loss? Okay, maybe he is a huge man, but not in terms of affecting the line's overall strength.

Williams wasn't a projected starter, and Artis Hicks should do a solid job for the Redskins at guard. Looking at depth, Chad Rinehart, Stephon Heyer, Selvish Capers, and Will Montgomery should fill in adequately when the time comes.

Still yet, as much work as Williams put in to make his NFL comeback, it was disheartening for teammates and fans to learn of his recent medical problems. He has plenty of people hoping to see him again in 2011.


Will Colt Brennan finally step up and make a case for the No. 2 quarterback?

When Jim Zorn took the reigns of the Redskins two years ago, he put every quarterback on the Redskins roster under intense scrutiny. In fact, he tried to make drastic changes in the mechanics of Jason Campbell and Colt Brennan.

With Colt Brennan's unique side-armed throwing motion and his gunslinger mentality, his relationship with Zorn was a rocky one. Brennan never felt comfortable with all of Zorn's demands, and adding to that were his injury problems. He hasn't really had a chance to prove what he is capable of.

This year is completely different. Brennan says that Kyle Shanahan has told him to be himself and play in the manner he is most comfortable with. Colt says he is having fun with the new offense, and the injury bug seems to be behind him.

This preseason may be Colt's last stand. With strong competition for the No. 3 quarterback job from Richard Bartel, Brennan will have to show some real improvement to convince Shanahan to keep him around.

Will it happen? Look for Brennan to have a preseason performance similar to his first year when he showed some good potential. In fact, Brennan has an excellent chance of being the No. Two quarterback in 2011.


Will there be good chemistry between Donovan McNabb and his receivers?

Donovan McNabb recently invited all of the Redskins offensive skill players to Arizona for a training session he calls "Hell Week." It's something McNabb does every year, and his Philadelphia teammates have claimed the workouts help to build a tight bond.

It was good for McNabb to show some leadership initiative and call his teammates together for some extra workouts. This group needs all of the togetherness it can get before the season begins.

McNabb is a real leader at quarterback, and that is something the Redskins have lacked for a long time. His fellow offensive players are responding well, and have accepted his leadership without question. McNabb will have a dramatic effect on the development of young players like Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.


Will the Redskins make a final preseason move for another receiver?

As analysts review the Washington roster in the preseason, the same question comes up time after time. Are the Redskins weak at receiver, and do they need to try to bring someone else in before the season starts?

Mike Shanahan has already made it clear that he has no intention of signing Terrell Owens. In addition, the Chargers have said they will not consider trading disgruntled receiver Vincent Jackson. So, who else might the Redskins look at?

It's becoming clearer that Shanahan may be confident in the group of receivers currently on the roster. He may believe that the addition of McNabb will elevate the play of youngsters Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. He also may believe that veterans such as Santana Moss and Joey Galloway have much more left in the tank than some think.

Whatever his reasons, it's doubtful that the Redskins will add any more receivers to the roster before the season (unless there's a major injury).


How will the Albert Haynesworth situation play out?

The showdown between Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan continues. Will Haynesworth show up to training camp, and will he actually play for the Redskins this year?

It looks like a certainty that Haynesworth will be on time for Redskins training camp. If he doesn't cause any major distractions, and he shows a willingness to play the roles he is assigned in the new defense, it also looks like he will be playing for Washington in 2010.

This may have been the coach's plan all along. Shanahan is headstrong, and it is doubtful that he will bend to Haynesworth's demands. Haynesworth may be unhappy for the rest of this season, but in the end, it looks like he will eventually bow to the authority of Shanahan.