Interview With Prospect Matt Antonelli

Sam BornsteinContributor IJuly 21, 2010

These 10 questions are just everyday questions. Please enjoy it!

Sam Bornstein: What do you like better, Spring Training, or the Minor Leagues? Why?

Matt Antonelli: I enjoy both, but I think I like the regular season a little bit more because the games actually count. It is a lot more fun playing in a game when you know it counts towards winning a championship.

SB: You are ranked as the Padres Top Prospect, how does that make you feel?

MA: It's a good feeling knowing that you are listed as a prospect, but at the same time, it doesn't really matter where you are ranked. I have to continue to get better and improve my game so I can become a Major League starting player no matter what number prospect I am.

SB: When do you see yourself in the Majors?

MA: I hope I can help contribute at the Major League level this season. I feel good about the way I am playing right now and I hope to continue to get better and improve my play.

SB: What was your favorite MLB team growing up?

MA: My favorite team growing up was the Boston Red Sox. When I got drafted, I haven't really been able to continue following them because of all the baseball I am playing. Right now I am strictly a Padres fan.

SB: What baseball player did you look up to growing up?

MA: My favorite player growing up was Nomar Garciaparra. I played short stop as a kid and was huge Red Sox fan, so it was only natural for my favorite player to be Nomar. I liked the way he played the game hard and was a great all-around player.

SB: Do you prefer Right handed pitchers, or Left handed pitchers better?

MA: Usually a right-handed hitter likes hitting off of left-handed pitchers, but for some reason I like facing right-handers more than left-handers.

SB: How is baseball today different from when you were growing up?

MA: When I was younger, there were a lot more home runs being hit than there are today. I grew up watching Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa hitting over 60 home runs a year. Today, if you hit over 30 home runs you had a great year.

SB: What do you think about the Mark McGwire situation?

MA: I am not really sure because you don't really know what really happened. You hear a different story everyday so I'm not really sure what to think about the whole thing.

SB: You were drafted as a 3B; why did you switch to 2B?

MA: The Padres saw me more as a 2nd baseman than a 3rd baseman. My style of play and the way I hit fits better at 2nd than at 3rd. I went to college to play 2nd but was moved over to third because we didn't have a third baseman. I'm glad to be back in the middle infield where I grew up playing.

SB: What sport do you play other than baseball?

MA: In high school I played baseball, hockey, and football. I still love watching hockey, basketball, and football on TV.

SB: Who was the toughest pitcher you have faced in your career so far?

MA: The toughest pitcher for me personally is Daniel Bard. I have struggled against him for much of my college and professional career.

SB: Who do you think will win the NL West?

MA: The Padres, who'd you think? 

SB: Thank you!


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