Chaz Schilens: Remember Me?

james jamesContributor IJuly 13, 2010


With the season right around the corner the Raider Nation is in a frenzy. There is a lot to be excited about in the upcoming 2010 season. Coach Davis (yeah I said it) started the off-season by shocking the National Football League and deciding to hang on to Coach Cable. We had some D-line issues so he got a d-line coach....hell he even got a D line. We had QB issues so he tossed (well more like rolled) the QB right out of Oakland. Got a coach known for the development  of Qb's.... then got a QB for him to develop. Heavily addressed the run defense and even went out and got some special teams help. The team is almost brand new. In all this excitement some of us forget about the few bright spots we already had. Let me go ahead and put a flood light on those spots for you


Remember this guy? Chaz Schilens. So one thing we  didn't do is go out and get a big name receiver this off season. This guy is one of the reasons why. The measurables... well he's 6-4 (apparently the new Oakland Standard) and 225 pounds and can outrun a Honda Civic. Has great hands and a knack for getting open. If we look a little closer you'll be a little more impressed.

Kid came out of Highland High School in AZ as an all region receiver, and an all region safety. Heck of an athlete part natural ability, and part obsessive dedication. Those great hands he has also earned him all region honors as an outfielder. Matter fact this kid got drafted by the Detroit Tigers right out of High School. Baseball not really being the future he wanted to pursue he took his talents to San Diego State to become a Wide Receiver on their football team.


Chaz red shirted his freshman year and didn't get any catches. As a Sophomore they had to find a way to get this kid on the field, so they made him a flanker. He used this experience to hone his skills as not only a pass catcher but turned out to be a pretty good blocking receiver as well. By the time he was a Junior he was a starting receiver and churned out many impressive performances. One of which he takes a 97 yard stroll to the endzone to set a school record. Plays like that labeled him as a big play threat and also gave him 14.2 yards per catch. Pretty big deal.  He then carries this momentum into his senior year, work ethic absolutely undeniable and his dedication to the team earns him team captain title. Turned that impressive 14.2 ypc into a ridiculous 19.4 that season


In 2008 this kid goes into the NFL draft gets selected in the 7th round with an outside chance of making the team. Goes to practice and works his tail off. Goes from being a 7th rouder out of San Diego State to the starting receiver in the NFL. Injuries so far have really plagued him but when given the opportunity he has done nothing but impress. In his 3rd upcoming season with the team he just came off an injury early and he's ready to make an impact with a real QB.