Raider Nation: Five Goals for Oakland To Win AFC West In 2010

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Raider Nation: Five Goals for Oakland To Win AFC West In 2010

2010 brings in a new decade and what Raiders fans hope is a new era for the Sliver and Black. This upcoming season will be a big one for so many reasons, as a Raider fan when on Bleacher Report I try to write my articles to make them unique, I'm not just one of these random people who doesn't even follow the Raiders but tries to write season previews, you feel me?

I live in the Bay Area and attend all Raiders home games, my thoughts and views are from what I see, this is a real bleacher report I guess you can say, however I sit lower level, not bleachers!

Now onto some of my thoughts and what I feel is most needed for this upcoming season if the Raiders want to win the AFC West in 2010

Regardless of record, I believe the most important thing for this franchise is to win the AFC West title in 2010, it will give us an automatic home playoff game, and once in the playoffs anything can happen.

Oakland Raiders Top Five Season Goals


No. 1 - Oakland Must Win Their First Two Games of the Season

The Oakland Raiders haven't won a season opener since 2002 (the season they went to the Super Bowl, and last time they made a playoff appearance). I believe losing our season opener for the last seven years has killed this team and set the attitude for the rest of each season. Winning the first game is validating the training camp, it will give the Raiders the confidence that this season will be different, a solid win on the road will bring this team together, it will set the tone for the season.

If the Raiders can pull out a tough win on the road, they will come back home to a sold-out home opener vs a weak St. Louis Rams squad, the "Black Hole" will be rocking, I believe its key to win that first game. A blow out win and the Raiders starting their season 2-0 will do wonders for the rest of the season. Both games are important, must win games if we expect change in Oakland for 2010.

No. 2 - Oakland Must Beat the San Diego Chargers in Week Five

This losing streak to the San Diego Chargers must stop, we get to play the Chargers at home first, just like last season. This will be a statement game, I find it unbelievable how we lose to this team season after season. The Chargers are a good football team, however in order for us to win the AFC West we must win this crucial home game.

No. 3 - The Raiders Must Go 3-0 at Home vs. the AFC West

Week five vs San Diego, week nine vs Kansas City, week 15 vs Denver.

Those are must win games, there is no reason for us to be losing at home vs our division rivals.

The Raiders have shown they can win on the road at Denver and at Kansas City as bad as these last few seasons have gone. No excuses this season, we can't afford to lose these games if we want to see a turnaround this season.

No. 4 - Battle of the Bay 2010: Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers

Week six, the Oakland Raiders will play crosstown rivals the San Francisco 49ers. As Raiders fans I'm sure you know some 49ers fans whether it's family or friends.

I can't describe what it would mean for the Oakland Raiders to win this game, this will be a real game, not preseason, the bragging rights will be at an all-time high, for people who don't live in the Bay Area, and who aren't Raiders or 49ers fans I guess you will never understand.

I have a good friend who is a 49ers fan and we are always talking football, it seems like every conversation we have ends with arguing over each other's team. It's very important that we win this game because no matter how our season goes, we can be able to say at least we beat San Francisco.

Now as for my friend, he talks about San Francisco as if they are the greatest team around, he speaks and brags as if his team hasn't just gone 8-8.

No. 5 - Oakland Raiders Must Win ___ Many Games to Win AFC West?

For the last point I will leave it up to you, how many wins do you think it will take for the Oakland Raiders to win the AFC West? Below I will post their season schedule.

As I look at the schedule, I will predict the Raiders to go 10-6. Although it's hard to do this, I honestly believe the Oakland Raiders could be so much better than 10-6, but over the last couple seasons they've been unable to prove anything, its very hard on Raiders fans, you try to defend this team but they've let us down time and time again.

I don't care how long it takes, when the Oakland Raiders start to win and are once again crowned AFC West champs I'll be to say I've been there through the good times and the bad, there aren't bandwagon Raiders fans, you're either with us or against us. I just can't wait for this season to start, hopefully the Raiders can surprise a lot of people.

Sunday, September 12 10:00 am   @ Tennessee Titans CBS
Sunday, September 19 1:05 pm   St. Louis Rams FOX
Sunday, September 26 1:15 pm   @ Arizona Cardinals CBS
Sunday, October 3 1:05 pm   Houston Texans CBS
Sunday, October 10 1:15 pm   San Diego Chargers CBS
Sunday, October 17 1:05 pm   @ San Francisco 49ers CBS
Sunday, October 24 1:15 pm   @ Denver Broncos CBS
Sunday, October 31 1:15 pm   Seattle Seahawks FOX
Sunday, November 7 1:15 pm   Kansas City Chiefs CBS
Sunday, November 21 10:00 am   @ Pittsburgh Steelers CBS
Sunday, November 28 1:05 pm   Miami Dolphins CBS
Sunday, December 5 1:05 pm   @ San Diego Chargers CBS
Sunday, December 12 10:00 am   @ Jacksonville Jaguars CBS
Sunday, December 19 1:15 pm   Denver Broncos CBS
Sunday, December 26 1:05 pm   Indianapolis Colts CBS
Sunday, January 2 10:00 am   @ Kansas City Chiefs

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