Pittsburgh in Pictures: PNC Park, Hot Wings, and Primanti's

Daniel MalkinContributor IJuly 9, 2010

After spending the day in Detroit and catching a Tigers game, we were back on the road and on our way to "The Steel City," Pittsburgh.

When we arrived in Pittsburgh, we decided to checkout the famous Quakers Steak and Lube. The restaurant had been featured on the show, Man vs. Food. I relunctantly decided to take the Atomic Hot Wings Challenge.

After the waiver was signed, the hot wings were served to me. You have to finish the wings in less then 6 minutes without consuming any liquid, no sauce and without using any napkins.

As soon as the wings were placed in front of me I began to dread my decision. The smell alone was enough for me but I quickly dove in and took my first bite.

I quickly fought my way through the pain and completed the challenge in under four minutes. With this amazing accompishment, I was awarded with my name on the Atomic Wall of Flame.

After the wings were completed, we decided to take a drive to PNC Park and Heinz Field to see where both the Pirates and the Steelers play. Unfortunatly, the Pirates were not at home this week, so I was unable to catch a game at the beautiful PNC park.

Before getting back on the road to head to New York City, we made a pit stop at the Pittsburgh favorite, Primanti Bros. The restaurant is known for their enromous sandwiches that are covered in veggies, coleslaw and fries.